Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91

Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-9

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  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91
  • Fly Sim Server - Animated Gates 2011 Regions 7-91

Updated February 13th, 2017

The entire project has been revamped and optimized for high FPS (frames per second). All objects have new texures, new animations and a 3D ground gate operator. Plus you get 4 bonus 3D crew working around your gate.

Note: There is no longer double gates or Cargo in AG2011.

Just set your parking brake and wait 30 seconds for crew who will recieve notice to bring out the jetway and food service. The tug and luggage vehicles are high quality and static.

AG 2011 has 8 gate positions and will recognize all aircraft. There is a chart for what aircraft have perfect alignment. Most aircraft will not align with accuracy. AG 2011 does not use side programs and is designed for quality and entertainment purposes. From your VC view you can't actually see alignment and will only see a crew giving you full service.

Now you have an arrival / departure board you control through your nav 2 radio stack. Real flood lights for apron area and great for night flights. The apron is a groundpoly and will now show shawdows.

The Marshaller now aligns your direction as well as the distance. The marshaller's accuracy is one tire.

AG 2011 will be constructed at all major international airports covering over 9 regions. Regions sold separately. Or bundles Packages are available! Saves you 5.00 dollars.

AG 2011 uses Acti-Gate's module created by Arno at: FSDeveloper.comActi-Gate will be installed automatically as well as the entire region(s). Setup will only require a single self-install that includes a removable exe located in your programs list. There is only 1 step involved for adding scenery in Flight Simulator. Using the scenery library in options is always required. You must add your airports in this library. There is a User manual and video link included for adding scenery.


8 MODELS = Accurate Precision Alignment!
Jetway Positions 1-8
A320-200 / posky
A340-200 / posky
MD11 / overland
b707-420 / freeware
b737-400 / default
b747-800 / default
b757-200 / Posky
b777-300 / default
UNLIMITED AIRCRAFT = Non-Precision Alignment!

Position 1: Unknown (ALL AIRCRAFT)

Position 1: Airbus A300 Airbus A310 Airbus A318 Airbus A319 Airbus A320 Airbus A321

Position 2: Airbus A330-200 Airbus A330-300 Airbus A340-200 Airbus A340-300 Airbus A340-500
Airbus A340-600 Airbus A380

Position 3: McDonnell Douglas DC-10 / MD10 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 McDonnell Douglas DC-9
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 McDonnell Douglas MD-87 Boeing 717 Douglas DC8 Convair CV-880
Convair CV-990

Position 4: Boeing 707 Boeing 720 Boeing 727-100 Boeing 727-200

Position 5: Boeing 737-100 Boeing 737-200 Boeing 737-500
Boeing 737-600 Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-400 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-900

Position 6: Boeing 747 Boeing 747SP

Position 7: Boeing 757-200 Boeing 757-300 Boeing 787-300 Boeing 787-800 Boeing 787-900 Boeing 767-200
Boeing 767-300 Boeing 767-400

Position 8: Boeing 777-200 Boeing 777-300


  1. West Coast:
    KBOS - LOGAN INTL (Requires Fly Tampa's Boston freeware scenery)
  3. East Coast:


  • 3 Animated Passengers:
    3 animated 2D passengers, 10 static passengers

  • 6 Animated service crew:
    Gate operator, Marshaller, 4 other crew

  • 6 Animated service vehicles:
    Gate, Fuel truck, Fuel Lift, Bus and 3 Food Trucks

  • Static service vehicles:
    Tug, Luggage carts, Luggage truck, FS9 vehicles


Best used with default airports.

Airport addons may work . If you get a confliction or do not like your results. Simply go to the scenery library and remove the area in AG2011 and keep your nice airport.

Min Requirments:

CPU 1.8mhz - Memory 1gig - Video card 256mb

If you have a slow computer and get low FPS. You can use three different scenery complexity levels in your game settings to remove some static vehicles and crew. This will increase your FPS. Testers and I have noticed about 10 FPS loss!

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