Flysimware - Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan X Expansion for FSX & P3D1

Flysimware - Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan X Expansion for FSX & P3D

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  • Flysimware - Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan X Expansion for FSX & P3D1


FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

Updated August 20, 2017 - Now supports P3D v4!

This product requires the Flysimware - Beechcraft 18 for FSX & P3D. You MUST have the Flysimware - Beechcraft 18 for FSX & P3D installed in order to use this product. This product will NOT WORK unless the required Beech 18 from Flysimware is installed. As with all download software, no returns or refunds are available.

Bombing and gunnery trainer for USAAF derived from AT-7. Fuselage had small circular cabin windows, bombardier position in nose, and bomb bay; Gunnery trainers were also fitted with two or three .30 caliber machine guns. Early models, (the first 150 built), had a single .30 AN-M2 in a Beechcraft-manufactured top turret, Later models utilized a Crocker Wheeler twin .30 caliber top turret. A bottom tunnel gun was used for tail gunner training. 1,582 built for USAAF orders, with 24 ordered by Netherlands repossessed by USAAF and used by the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School at Jackson, Mississippi.

Our AT-11 model is an expansion pack for our beech 18 X package. Highly detailed parts, many bonus animations, over 6 different lighting effects, animated practice bombs and many more features.

  • Real world high quality 3D gauges
  • Bones animation
  • High quality textures (Bump / World Reflections / Skin Mesh)
  • Over 150 custom xml gauges
  • Flysimware's virtual cockpit sound module adds over 15 bonus sounds
  • Speed controlled sounds for windows, doors and heater vents
  • Dual analog clock (Tracks flight time)
  • Transponder squawk codes to Vatsim and Gamespy
  • Retractable left & right landing light
  • Over stress sounds
  • Dummy primer system
  • GPS (GNS530)
  • Transponder (GTX330)
  • HSI (NSD360A)
  • Norden Bombsight (Axis fuctions work)
  • Animated practice bombs
  • Yoke & Linkage ...................... VC - Exterior
  • Pedals & Linkage .................... VC - Exterior
  • Pilots............................... NO - Exterior
  • Doors ............................... VC - Exterior
  • Switches, Levers and Gauges ......... VC - Exterior
  • Bonus Animation...................... VC - Exterior
  • Default Grumman_Goose_G21A Sounds
  • Bonus custom sound module includes over 15 bonus sounds
  • 8-11 seater - Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan
  • Navy - 805
  • Netherlands - N6251C
  • Flysimware Beech 18 X base package
  • FSX SP2 or ACC / Steam Edition / Prepar3D All Versions!
Changes In Version 1.6, January 24, 2017 Include
  • NEW
    • Installed our new GNS 530 unit and audio panel
    • Installed our new Nav Com 2 radio unit
    • Installed our new transponder radio unit
    • Installed our new turn coordinator coding with tooltips
    • Removed sound for Throttle levers, Propeller levers, Cowl flaps levers and Mixture levers
    • New tooltip for emergency gear arm
    • Updated attitude gauges with independent modes and allowing you to cage
    • Updated altimeters with new accuracy for calibration
    • The altimeter now displays altitude below sea level and will now display meters if you change the units of measure under general settings
    • Fuel and repair now plays our repair sound
  • Fixes & Updates
    • Alternator switch now stays in sink
    • All lights now illuminate during the daytime and without panel light on
    • Reversed mixture lever animation for correct mouse movement
    • P3D preview window scale fixed
    • Compass animation direction fixed
    • Panel and pedestal textures updated
  • Flight Dynamics
    • Air file updated for CHT temps, Oil temps, Oil Pressure and Fuel Pressure
Changes In Version 2.0 Include
Bugs & Updates
  • Fixed the props disappearing above 1300 RPM
Changes in August 20, 2017 update include:
  • New
    • Product Installer Now Includes A P3D V4 Installation Option With New 64Bit Dll'S.
  • Bugs & Updates
    • Aircraft Title Name Updated For Fsx & P3D.

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