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by Andre Denis *Verified Product User* Date Added: Tuesday 25 December, 2018
The Flysimware Cessna's 402 C's are sort of overshadowed by some of the major players in the competitive flight sim world.
After many flying hours between my usual regional airports, those 402's have proved their stuff.
One of the exclusive feature that the 402's offers from the competition, is a handy and well executed "pop up" menu/control panel bar, that permits the pilot to activate a whole lot of animations and configurations.
Some particular details such as the retractable taxi lights, are quite convincing that this is the real thing.
I believe that the 402's are truly "flying under the radar" in the vast market of flight sim software.
Engine sounds (from default plane) is the only weak link in this well executed package.
I recently purchased their Bell 205 Super Huey's, and their technical assistance answered diligently many of my emails on the 23rd and 24th of December.
Try to achieve such a feat during the Holiday season from the competition, more so in these days of impersonal, hard to log in (must wait for administrator approval...), and slow to respond customer forums.

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