Flysimware - Tanker Railcar Set1

Flysimware - Tanker Railcar Set

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  • Flysimware - Tanker Railcar Set1
  • Flysimware - Tanker Railcar Set1

All models are high quality with 1024 textures and can run at high settings with currents computers. Our precision template allows us to make perfect fitting wheels and bogies for track alignment as well as brake connectors and couplers. All of our freight products will match up on couplers and brake lines. This allows you to make up mix consists with precision alignment. Our loaded cars ride 3 inches lower than our empty cars, but still holding a perfect fit for the brake lines.

So take a ride with some new high quality cars that feel and look real. More to come!

  • 1024 high quality textures
  • Models are over 20,000 poly's
  • Bonus animations
  • Wheels and bogies are high quality with precision track alignment
  • Fictional Rail Company's names for use in all regions!
  • Wheels ....................... Yes
  • Couplers...................... Yes

Default Freight

  • FLYSIM A.R.T.X. #4540 LD
  • FLYSIM A.R.T.X. #4541 LD
  • FLYSIM A.R.T.X. #4542 LD
  • FLYSIM A.R.T.X. #4540 MT
  • FLYSIM A.R.T.X. #4541 MT
  • FLYSIM A.R.T.X. #4542 MT
PAINT THEMES : 1 (Fictional) Paint Themes A.R.T.X. REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft Train Simulator with the latest update and MSTS Bin!
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