FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1

FS2Crew - FSX Default 747 Edition

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  • FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1
  • FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1
  • FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1
  • FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1
  • FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1
  • FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition1


Bring your FSX Flight Deck to Life with FS2Crew!

General Product Overview:

The Default FSX 747 version of FS2Crew is essentially the PMDG 747 Edition of FS2Crew converted to work with the Default FSX 747; the vast majority of the PMDG Edition's functionality has been carried over within the context of the default 747's capabilities.

However, the Default FSX 747 Edition features some exciting new functionality that can only be done in FSX. For example, FS2Crew FSX 747 models a working Tiller unit so you can control the nose wheel steering independently of the rudder. This is an FSX first. FS2Crew also adds autoland capability to the default 747. What's more, the FS2Crew FO will automatically calculate your takeoff speeds. Moreover, numerous sound effects have been add to the simulation such as the alarm sound which can be faintly heard from the flight deck when the jetway connects to the aircraft. Air conditioning sound effects have also been added.

The goal of every version of FS2Crew is simple: Maximum realism. The central premise of the FS2Crew concept is that it is not realistic to fly airliners the same way you fly a Cessna 152. Airline flying involves team flying, and is not a single pilot affair. FS2Crew basically makes you fly just like a real airline pilot. With FS2Crew you will run checklists, interact with your FO, communicate with the FA and more.

The voice set that ships with FS2Crew 747 features the voice of a real-world 747 Captain for the Captain's role, and the voice of a chief pilot of a corporate outfit for the FO's role. The FA's voice is also a real FA.

With FS2Crew, you can make custom PA announcements (as well as listen to the FA's cabin announcements). Over 70 world cities are available to choose from so you can make realistic PA's.

FS2Crew 747 comes with a custom, international Pushback/Start Crew so if you're flying in theUK, you'll hear a British Start Crew; if you're flying in Germany, you'll hear a German accented crew. French and Spanish accents are also available.

FS2Crew also adds click spot areas to the aircraft so you can easily call for the fuel truck, or operate FSX's new shared cockpit functionality without relying on on key commands. With FS2Crew, you and your First Officer will perform your duties, flows, scans, checklists, memory items, etc., and interact with the Cabin and Ground Crew just as you would in real life. You will even interact with the Operations staff and Engineering.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) modeled generated from an active 747-400 FO. Like with every version of FS2Crew, you'll even be required to handle new situations, such as dealing with a sick passenger.

Questions about the new Default FSX 747 Edition of FS2Crew can be addressed through the FS2Crew forum or via email. The forum will be continually updated with news and other important information.

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FS2Crew - FSX Default 747  Edition
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