FS2Crew - PMDG J41 Voice Command Edition1

FS2Crew - PMDG J41 Voice Command Edition

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The PMDG Jetstream is probably the best turbo-prop simulation ever created for FSX.  It's an amazing product.

But it's also a very complex product, and it can be tough to operate. 

How many times have you started the engines on fire or had trouble reaching for a switch or setting the condition levers because they're hard to reach?

If you're like me, a lot!

So this is where FS2Crew comes in...

FS2Crew makes your J-41 experience EASIER, more IMMERSIVE and REALISTIC!

Not only does FS2Crew add a fully functional (voice controlled) First Officer who helps you fly the J41 using the same flight crew procedures used at a real-airline, FS2Crew also adds extra functionality to the J41, such as a unique VC panel view switcher.

This version of FS2Crew also includes, for free, a special version of FS Video Marshaller (a 14 EUR value!)

Just as good, this is the first FS2Crew product that can interface "directly" with a PMDG aircraft without using simulated mouse clicks or key presses.  This makes for fantastic integration between the two products!  The integration is SEAMLESS.


  • PMDG JETSTREAM J-41.  Aircraft not included. 
  • Flight Simulator X.
  • Win XP, Vista, Windows 7.
  • Microphone and/or Headset.
  • Windows Speech Recognition language setting must be set to English if using XP or English - US if using Vista or Win 7.  (If you own a non-English version of Vista or Win 7, be sure to check this.  Please contact FS2Crew for assistance).

Product Highlights!

  • Customized to work exclusively with the PMDG J41.  The level of detail cannot be matched anywhere!
  • SDK style functionality: The simulated First Officer can interface with the aircraft directly and seamlessly without using simulated mouse clicks or key presses.  That is big!
  • Control the autopilot and run checklists using voice control!
  • Full voice control integration:  Interact with the flight, cabin and ground crew using your voice!
  • For maximum realism, SOPs modelled on the same procedures used by a real-world airline. 
  • Real human recorded United States, United Kingdome and Eurozone voice sets included for the First Officer, FA and ground crew.  FS2Crew does not use computer generated synthetic voices!
  • FA Cabin announcements with independent adjustable volume control.
  • New features such as the ability to 'mute' the speech recognition system (hard mute and soft mute)
  • And a whole lot more!!!

Free Bonus Features!

  • VC Panel Switcher Panel:  Makes switching VC cockpit position views very easy and hassle free.
  • FS Video Marshaller: A 14 Euro value, this utility allows you to interact with the ground crew using video technology.  The ground crew can interface directly with the PMDG J41 ground service objects.


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FS2Crew - PMDG J41 Voice Command Edition
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