FS2X - Pilatus PC-121

FS2X - Pilatus PC-12

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  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121
  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121
  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121
  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121
  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121
  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121
  • FS2X - Pilatus PC-121


FSX Certified
The Pilatus PC-12 is a state-of-the-art aircraft manufactured since 1994 by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd of Stans, Switzerland. It is a large, powerful, and efficient single engine turboprop that can cruise at 270 KTAS at altitudes up to 30,000 feet ASL with a range greater than 2000 nautical miles. It has a state-of-the-art EFIS "glass" cockpit and is certified for single pilot operation. It is also certified for flight into known icing conditions. With 330 cubic feet of cabin space the Pilatus PC-12 can carry up to 9 passengers. Large flap surfaces and a high-lift wing provide for exceptional short field performance with a low, full flap, stall speed of 64 KIAS. Pilatus PC-12 aircraft are used the world over as air ambulances, company air transports, air cargo transports, regional airlines, and as privately owned utility aircraft.
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FS2X - Pilatus PC-12
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