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by Thomas Neal *Verified Product User* Date Added: Tuesday 25 November, 2014
At 1st I was a little sketchy on buying this. For me the ground textures looked a little vibrant. But I took a gamble and parted my money. The reason; the promise of 'improved frame rates'. That alone is enough to tempt anyone into it and plus as well; to improve the look and feel on Flight Simulator especially the ground textures. Well now I have done a a couple of flights using this, and also along with a few more freeware textures just to give that edge on appearance and realism. But now my flight simulator has never looked so amazing as it does now. This is an absolute must have if your the kind of simmer who wants to improve the feel of flight simulator on a budget. However I will say though, the promise of high frames isn't related on my PC. My PC is very weak and almost steam driven; but when it comes to frames, I haven't noticed a difference at all. I even think I am getting the same frame rates when I had the default, out of the box, dull ground textures. But it might be different from where on your PC.

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