FSGenesis - Mexico Terrain Mesh FSX1

FSGenesis - Mexico Terrain Mesh FSX

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  • FSGenesis - Mexico Terrain Mesh FSX1


FSX Certified

Upgrade your Mexico Terrain Mesh to a highly-detailed 38m resolution!

This product will cover Mexico with 38m resolution terrain mesh compiled directly from the latest 30m INEGI source data. The default FSX terrain for Canada in 612m, so this will increase the detail and accuracy of your out-the-window experience by a factor of 32X.

Features include:
  • 38m horozontal resolution from the latest INEGI source data
  • .25m vertical resolution
  • compiled from 32-bit source data
  • Airports and terrain adjusted where necessary to eliminate plateaus
  • Choice of manually-installed zip files, auto-installer, and or shipped media
  • Immediate downloads. Free shipping.

What is Terrain Mesh?

The world is not flat…it comprises mountains, valleys, rolling plains, etc. I.E. topographical features. These bumps, dips, and flat areas all need to be translated into a surface understood by your flight simulator. Terrain Mesh is the name given to the Digital Elevation Model, (DEM), that represents these topographical features. This is the surface of the earth over which the user flies in the simulator (or crashes into!) For more than a decade, FSGenesis has been the leader in highly realistic, high resolution terrain mesh for flight simulator. So to make your simulator world and scenery as realistic as possible, you need terrain mesh!

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