FSGenesis - World Terrain Mesh for FSX1

FSGenesis - World Terrain Mesh for FSX

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  • FSGenesis - World Terrain Mesh for FSX1
  • FSGenesis - World Terrain Mesh for FSX1
  • FSGenesis - World Terrain Mesh for FSX1


FSX Certified

This product offers a significant 16x improvement over the default terrain in most regions ans was created from worldwide 76m coverage (except North America) compiled from 90m SRTM2 source data, reprocessed to remove voids and spikes. The graphic below shows a comparison between the default and FSGenesis resolution coverage.

This World Mesh Terrain also includes significant enhancements to the Himalayas, Alps (19m/LOD 11), Scandinavia, Pyrenees, Caucasus, parts of Japan, parts of Africa, and New Zealand.

While this product will provide a good overall 16x worldwide upgrade from the default Level Of Detail 6 or LOD6 (612m) to the enhanced LOD9 (76m), you can get even better results by also having the regional LOD10-11 (38m-19m) products over the World terrain mesh. This will bring the utmost detail to your flights over those available regions, and is highly recommended.

What is Terrain Mesh?

The world is not flat…it comprises mountains, valleys, rolling plains, etc. I.E. topographical features. These bumps, dips, and flat areas all need to be translated into a surface understood by your flight simulator. Terrain Mesh is the name given to the Digital Elevation Model, (DEM), that represents these topographical features. This is the surface of the earth over which the user flies in the simulator (or crashes into!) For more than a decade, FSGenesis has been the leader in highly realistic, high resolution terrain mesh for flight simulator. So to make your simulator world and scenery as realistic as possible, you need terrain mesh!

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