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FSPilot Magazine - Issue 7

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  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
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  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
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  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71
  • FSPilot Magazine - Issue 71

Issue 7 Content:
  • 129 Pages
  • Payware Aircraft Reviews :
  • Alabeo : Gee Bee Model Z
  • Bear Studios : Naval Flanker
  • Black Box Sims : Airbus A330
  • Justflight : Lockheed Tristar 500
  • Majestic Sims : Dash 8 Q400
  • Warbirdsim : Mustang Tales
  • Payware Scenery Reviews :
  • Mega Scenery Earth Project
  • Orbx FTX : Elstree EGTR
  • Orbx FTX : EU Wales
  • Orbx FTX?: Old Warden EGTH
  • Orbx FTX : Popham EGHP
  • Orbx FTX : Southern Alaska
  • UK2000 : Leeds Bradford
  • Freeware Aircraft Reviews :
  • Grumman OV-1 Mohawk
  • Hawker Siddeley HS748
  • Heinkel He51
  • Lockheed f-35 Lightning II
  • Piaggio PD-808.

Plus : Exclusive Black Box Simulators Interview and more on the Orbx FTX Global Project.
Also 7 Competitions for your chance to win some of the very latest FS add-ons.

What is FSPilot magazine?

FSPilot Magazine is a new Flight Simulation e-publication. This means that the delivery method is electronic via the internet. Each edition will be available for download via an internet connection for use on your desktop or laptop computer using a flash animated flippable page magazine or a static pdf version. Subscribed members will be able to access the Subscribed members section of this site and gain access to future copies of the magazine and many other features that will be introduced over the coming months, such as videos, FSPilot forums, special news feeds, competitions etc.

FSPilot Magazine is produced in an A4 flippable magazine format, that will consist of a minimum of 100 pages per issue. The flippable version is Windows PC compatible. The static pdf version is Windows PC, and Apple compatible. We hope that future development will also make it fully tablet compatible.

FSPilot Magazine will be made up of Reviews, Previews or Overviews of Commercial and Non-Commercial Flight Simulator add-ons.

Are the reviews biased in anyway?

Our policy from day one is to provide an unbiased and objective review of all items within our publication. We are in no way sponsored or in collaboration with any Flight Simulation developer to review their products. When developers send review copies of their products, our reviewers will give it the once over and indicate the merits and pit falls of the product that was tested. Our overall objective is to supply our readers with a clear knowledge of the merits and pit falls of any product, therefore giving them the ability to make their own final evaluation of whether to purchase or not.

What can I expect to see in the reviews etc?

As stated above the reviews will contain an unbiased judgment of the product, giving clear information of its merits and any pit falls with regard to the product. Clear large sized screen shots are used along with a descriptive text that will include original technical specs of aircraft, which where possible will be compared against the simulated specs, and flight performance. With respect to aircraft reviews, the model is checked for flaws in the created mesh, bleeding, texture details and resolution, as well as checking the animations, systems operation etc.

Are the reviews Judged?

Yes, the reviewers will give a grading which is in accordance with a laid down marking system. This checks various aspects of the product including, design of model, quality of model, quality of textures, its merits, its bad points, quality and usability of the documentation, ease of installation, ease of use and other aspects. This is based on a Gold, Silver or Bronze rating. There are also intermediate : Silver to Gold and Bronze to Silver ratings.

NOTE - FSPilot Magazine is completely separate and in no way related to FSPilotShop.com.

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