FSPS - P3D Fiber Accelerator1

FSPS - P3D Fiber Accelerator

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  • FSPS - P3D Fiber Accelerator1
  • FSPS - P3D Fiber Accelerator1
  • FSPS - P3D Fiber Accelerator1

Prepaid 3D

Includes version 1.8

Now Supports P3D v3.3

This Product is for Prepar3D Only. You can get the FSX version from here: FSX Version

FSPS returns once again to shake the Flying Simulator world. This time for the simulation platform of the future , Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, with our latest product P3D Fiber Accelerator.

Following the unparalleled market success of FSX Fiber Accelerator, the myriads of positive comments and the - to say the least - demanding feedback from Prepar3D users that Fiber Accelerator would be a 'must have' for their simulator , our team worked hard the last months and finally is able to present to you the ultimate solution for Frames per second improvement, graphics smoothing and better texture loading for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D (ver 1.x or ver 2.x). Overcoming the differences between FSX and Prepar3D - which on graphics part, are huge - we are able to deliver you...

P3D Fiber Accelerator

Like in FSX's version, FSPS team using unique techniques at tweaking - in real time - without the need to edit prepar3d.cfg file, the Prepar3D graphics to provide you better Frames when you need them hard (i.e. at a busy , fine quality payware airport) while driving the computing power of your system to better quality and smoother graphics - textures loading when you are flying in less demanding situations.

Finally a way to enjoy smooth approaches with descent Frames per Second (FPS), without the need to have tweaked Prepar3D for frame gain, and get 60 FPS at remote areas without getting the best graphics. A way to enjoy nice graphics all around and not just in remote areas! If you try this setup near the "fine quality , busy airport" you would get 10 FPS...

Using revolutionary techniques we draw power from where you DON'T need (for example, from graphics drawn 80 miles away while you are on the ground) and bring you this power to where you DO need (for example to get better FPS and better graphic quality around the airport). By - in other words - rewriting Prepar3D's graphics engine, now you get what you need, when you need it!

Better frame rates, better graphics quality, faster texture loading, smoothness in motion all together in the same flight! Maximizing the CPU and GPU power for Prepar3D was never easier.

How do we do that? Updating Prepar3D with a new prepar3D.cfg every millisecond?

How It Works

You start Prepar3D and set a "Target Frame Rate" in Prepar3D display settings. (This will be the max number your Prepar3D will get in the less demanding situations) i.e. 50 FPS. You then start P3D Fiber Accelerator, and you set a "Lower Frames per second" target. This will be the number of frames Prepar3D will try to catch up, according to your needs, by lowering graphics quality (always gradually from places you cannot see anyway, moving closer to your position).

You then should pop to the most detailed, frame-rate killer airport you own. Test some settings until you find the best one. A classic scenario, if you get maximum 20 FPS, try setting 25 FPS the in Lower setting. On "Middle Frames per second" you can set a higher FPS target of say 35 FPS for situations that are not as demanding, like when flying at cruise level

Everything else is done by P3D Fiber Accelerator and it will work perfectly on all other airports, since you have configured it for the worst possible scenario! If needed, you can swap between presets without leaving Prepar3D.

Next time you just start Prepar3D and P3D Fiber Accelerator. Nothing more to setup! P3D Fiber Accelerator was made to be as simply as possible. It's almost start-it and forget-it. Just cycle between presets according to your needs, or use the automated AGL altitude function to let the application automatically swap between presets Low-Mid-Deactivated according to the altitude you are flying.

Main Features
  • Best possible FPS at any given situation with the best possible graphics quality.
  • Best possible graphics quality in Prepar3D, according to the frame rate you set for the highest detailed scenery.
  • Best possible smoothness on texture loading during the hardest viewpoint changes.
  • Maximum CPU and GPU allocation to Prepar3D through the whole flight.
  • Dynamically applying (every millisecond) the best possible tweaks to Prepar3D.
  • Cycle between 3 presets (Lower - Middle - Fiber Deactivated) without need to swap between P3D and Fiber Accelerator's main window.
  • Support for FSUIPC's registered users so they would assign joystick buttons for each preset or for cycling between modes.
Is there anything P3D Fiber Accelerator cannot do? Well it is not buying you new hardware. It just makes absolutely sure that the hardware you have will present Prepar3D at its best.

  • P3D Fiber Accelerator, can run at any PC that is able to run Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.
  • Windows: XP SP3 / Vista / Win 7 - 32 or 64 bit / Win 8
  • Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D - All versions up to 3.3
  • Microsoft's NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Latest Version of FSUIPC by Peter Dowson. (Unregistered is enough for main features , registered version is needed if you need to map a joystick button to swap between presets)
  • Up and running internet connection for activation and license checking of the product on each application's start-up.
  • PDF viewer application for reading the manual.
  • P3D Fiber Accelerator is compatible with:
    • ALL tweaking applications (i.e. P3D Booster 2013) , ALL tweaking guides available on webpages or forums, ALL websites that use web-services where user could submit his PC specs and get back a recommended prepar3d.cfg etc…
  • One active installation on only one PC at any given time. (Checked via online validation after every installation.) Users can have the application installed on multiple computers moving the active license around, using the "Transfer License" function.
  • P3D Fiber Accelerator must run on the Prepar3D PC in order to communicate directly with Download
This Product is for Prepar3D Only. You can get the FSX version from here: FSX Version

Version 1.1 includes:
  • Support for Prepar3D v2.5
Version 1.2 Includes
  • Application Stability Enhanced
Version 1.4 includes:
  • Support for Prepar3D v3.1
Changes in version 1.5 include
  • Support for Prepar3D v3.2
Changes in version 1.7 include
  • Support for Prepar3D v.

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