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by Robert Miller *Verified Product User* Date Added: Tuesday 12 February, 2019
This airport is now out of date due to the renovations that completed late 2018. Before that, the airport itself was okay, but the surrounding "photoreal" region is blurry and the autogen seems to be non-existent. In fact it is flat land all around the airport and then the default autogen pops in about 3 miles away from the airport.

Also, progressive taxi does not appear to work with the airport. This doesn't affect me that much as I know the airport layout well, but those unfamiliar may have a difficult time taxiing to the 3 runways.

I've tried contacting the developer to help with both the autogen and progressive taxi issue on 1/5 and was told that they were taking a MONTH off for Christmas vacation and said they would contact me when they got back. I emailed them again on 2/5 and have still yet to hear back (and have a feeling I won't).

Save your money and don't get this airport, even on sale - you'll just end up disabling the scenery like I did.

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