GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1

GAS - Lockheed Model 12 X

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  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1
  • GAS -  Lockheed Model 12 X1


FSX Certified

Golden Age Simulations Lockheed Model 12 for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X.

On June 26 1939 the prototype Model 12 flew for the first time and in doing so became in icon of the Golden Age of Aviation. Lockheed built a total of 130 Model 12's ending production in 1941. 75 years later Golden Age Simulations releases the Model 12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
Our "12" takes advantage of all the FSX has to offer. High resolution 2048 x 2048 textures, dynamic shine and bump mapping. Zoom in close and you can almost count the rivets! Masterfully modeled engines!

Taking advantage of SimConnect, available with FSX SP2, we have modeled true fuel dumping of the auxiliary tanks, just as the original aircraft did. Each control is faithfully modeled from actual drawings and using custom XML animations, operates as they would in the actual aircraft. Two versions of the Model 12 are offered, the 12A and the C-40A.

The Model 12A represents the aircraft as it might have been in the late 1950's or 60's owned perhaps by a wealthy business man or a small commercial venture. With a full IFR cockpit the simulator pilot will be able to experience all aspects of flight from shooting ILS approaches at a major airport to back woods dusty strips. The VC cabin is fully modeled as well. Step on in and grab a seat and appreciate the view that one might have had as a passenger in the Golden Age of Flight.

The C-40 is immediately recognizable by the green house glazing over the cockpit. The most famous C-40A was that flown by Sidney Cotton as an espionage aircraft doing surveillance of German military activity in France during the early days of WW2. The livery of that aircraft is celebrated in this package. The cockpit of the aircraft was developed using actual photographs of the plane and a 1940's vintage panel. It was then slightly modified to add features that the owner of a surplus aircraft might have installed for general aviation VFR use. As with the Model 12 every effort has been made to be an accurate and faithful representation of this type.

Come and join the celebration of 75 years of flight for this iconic airplane. Get in the cockpit and wind up the powerful Pratt and Whitney R-985 engines. Can you smell the avgas? Can you feel the magnificent radial engines stir your soul? Imagine the adventures these aircraft must have had in the 75 years since their first flight. Now these adventures can be yours with Golden Age Simulations Lockheed Model 12A Electra Junior for FSX!

Our Models Feature
  • Faithfully Represented Lockheed Model 12A and C-40 models designed from actual blueprints and factory flight manual authored by C.L. Johnson, himself!
  • Accurate soundfile for the Pratt and Whitney R -985 Wasp "SB" Junior
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics based on actual factory specifications
  • Feathering and non-feathering propeller characteristics based on aircraft and propeller type
  • (7 ) L12A liveries including the famous TWA Research, Casablanca, and movie "Amelia" aircraft as well as other historic general aviation schemes
  • (4) Period C-40 paint schemes: Two Army Air Corps, and two civilian paints one representing Sidney Cotton's famous aircraft
  • Simulated fuel dumping capability (Requires FSX SP2 Installed)
  • Dedicated panels for the Lockheed 12A & C-40
  • Emissive Gauge lighting
  • Fully animated VC and Exterior Model
  • Animated Pilot Figure
  • Paint Kit
  • Extensive Flight Manual
  • Unique Interiors and much more!
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