Geo Render - Chelan Muni1

Geo Render - Chelan Muni

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  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1
  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1
  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1
  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1
  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1
  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1
  • Geo Render - Chelan Muni1

Following hard on the heels of the Georender Series, Chelan Muni is scenery like no other. It allows spectacular flying over beautiful mountain and river scenery, often experiencing wind conditions that will challenge even the hardiest of pilots. What's more, at its heart is a fascinating airport. It's an environment rich with sounds and animations so atmospheric and compelling that you'll find yourself returning again and again. Incorporating the work of the three leading designers on the Lago-Emma Field project, it is no wonder some have called Chelan Muni the 'Emma Field' of Central Washington .

The sounds and animations give a unique quality to Chelan Muni. They give the scenery ambience and 'life'. Created, in part due, to the use of Vistamare's 'Intelliscene' module, a greater variation than previously seen can be introduced by these components.


  • Incredibly realistic representation of the airport and surroundings
  • Life-like 'Geomotion' animations.
  • Animated hangars, indicators, windsocks and more...
  • Sophisticated and variable sound environment
  • All custom built objects
  • Highly-detailed Micro Scale Texturing (MST)
  • Full seasonal and night textures
  • Seasonal tree textures with fallen leaves in autumn and blossom in the spring
  • Custom AFCAD and artificial aircraft traffic
  • Sophisticated night lighting effects

Plus much more......................

Windows: NT/2000/XP/98, FS2004, CPU: 1.5Gh, System Memory: 256 Mb, Graphics Memory: 64Mb/128Mb

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