Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1

Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights

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  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1
  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1
  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1
  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1
  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1
  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1
  • Geo Studios - 50 Favorite Flights1

If you've ever found yourself in the flightsim doldrums, this is the add-on you've been waiting for! A series of fifty flying adventures all over the world, in five different categories, with varying degrees of challenge, but with a shallow learning curve. The fun starts right out of the box!

Fifty Favorite Flights includes:

10 Flights in each of five categories: ILS Approaches, VFR Approaches, North Country Adventures, Short Hops, and Cross-Country Challenges. There's also a bonus sixth category, Practice Landings!

Adventures all over the world: Fifty favorite flights includes adventures in scenic areas of the world that you might have never visited: A beautiful severe clear afternoon approach along the coast of France to Ajaccio; Across the Egyptian desert over the pyramids; skirting the low mountaintops into Banff, Canada; A night cargo run into Baghdad; a treacherous ILS approach into Bern-Belp, Switzerland; a beautiful approach to the tiny Alpine town of Interlaken; a long cross-country from Seoul, South Korea across the Sea of Japan to Tokyo; A gorgeous sightseeing trip through Canada's Grand Canyon of the wild Stikine River fifty flights in all, each a unique scenic adventure!

A written scenario in Adobe Acrobat format accompanies each flight. More than just a flight briefing, these include interesting historic and geographic data for the area you'll be flying over You'll become not only a better sim pilot, but a better Jeopardy player!

A full-color NOAA navigation chart in Adobe Acrobat format is included for each flight!

Complete kneeboard data is on board for each of the fifty flights.

Pre-set parameters: Weather is configured and radio frequencies are pre-set when you start each flight.

A shallow learning curve even the ILS approaches won't require you to be ATP certified) have special knowledge of GPS use, etc. It's built for everyone, but forgiving of novice and intermediate pilots!

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