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by Michael Hayward *Verified Product User* Date Added: Friday 16 June, 2017
Active Sky 2016 is a weather engine that adds just that bit extra depth to your simulator! The default FSX weather engine is a little poor, to say the least, something this addon completely changes with much more accurate weather coverage and presentation in the simulator environment - You cannot see the curvature of the earth anymore. Turbulence effects are also realistic and a system which makes the clouds feel more volumetric is added as if you were actually flying into them and not just through it.

A flight brief and planner has also been included in the simulator, which I use on basically every flight just based on how useful this information is! From ETA to distance, it tells you everything that every pilot should need.

It also includes a small panel called X-Gauge which is a small weather radar panel that can be installed into each aircraft. A small extra, but definitely a nice once to say the least.

Where there is no weather data, this program just simply doesn't add any weather. Would like to see that slightly changed with maybe random weather presets or the known weather is just extended over the entire empty area, but other than this I have no complaints at all. Definitely worth the buy!

You can read a full review from myself here:

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