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by Graham Ellard *Verified Product User* Date Added: Sunday 22 March, 2009
Great aircraft this; looks good, sounds good and flying it probably does you good.

Problem free download and installation. Good balance between detail and frame rate with my ageing PC giving 25-30fps on 50% scenery setting and max aircraft detail.

Although a biplane this is no 'Camel'. Performance akin to a WWII fighter but with extra lift and agility. The many skins have plenty of variety and exhibit a well worn, patched up appearance with grime, oil stains, and flaking paint. There is also a separate pre-war model with even more rust.

VC is well designed with clear. authentic instruments and good visibility; especially in forward view. Landings can be made without having to 'step outside'. The airfield scenery is a 'proper' airfield comprising a patch of grass and some tin sheds, so no impact on frame rates. Landing there may take some practice.

Convincing sound, especially on start-up when the radial engine literally explodes into life. Working guns have realistic tracer effects.

Only brief historical information is provided so use the magic of the internet to visit the RAF Museum at www.rafmuseum.org.uk for comprehensive background.

If you need a break from 'brain-training' aircraft and want to get in touch with your inner barn-stormer then this package is highly recommended.

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