JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1

JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel

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  • JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1
  • JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1
  • JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1
  • JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1
  • JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1
  • JSG Panels - Boeing 777-300 Panel1

This product has been newly updated. It now features AUDIO ENHANCEMENT for MOVING PARTS, DEVICES WITH SOUNDS ATTACHED, COPILOT, BEACONS and GPWS. Plus VIRTUAL COCKPIT, and FMC ENHANCEMENTS. Read this announcement for more details.

Now available from JSGPanels is a major new version of his777-300 aircraft panel for Flight Simulator 2004. This release now includes the complete 777 panel plus sophisticated extensions in the PFD, MFD, and EICAS windows and in the FMC which controls the aircraft horizontally and vertically according to the FLIGHTPLAN. It also includes some sophisticated capabilities such as the fully AUTOMATIC AUTOLAND and a HUD.

This is a new and much-enhanced version of the earlier panels designed by Gérard LAFAYE. It is a major revision of and extension to the previous software and is a completely new panel. The software provides the panel based on photographs of an actual Boeing 777-300 made by Jean Luc BOINET.

A complete documentation in both English and French is supplied. The English documentation has been edited by Bill HICKMAN. Some additional documents are provided to help users compute fuel consumption and mach speed.

The main improvements over the previous versions are:

All the switches now move and the lighting has been redesigned to more closely resemble that of the actual panel.

PFD: now more detailed, this displays the FMC-calculated V1 VR & V2, DECISION HEIGHT, maximum speed and stall and lower speed and much other information. In addition the brightness can be adjusted for the PFD in the same way as for the four main windows.

FMC: now a true FLIGHT MANAGEMENT COMPUTER, this contains many powerful features.

It will:

Follow an FS2004 flightplan, both horizontally and vertically and in accordance with defined speeds, allowing it to be changed if required during the flight;

Manage the TAKE-OFF thrusts and the climb thrust TOGA, MAX THRUST, CRUISE and AUTOMATIC according to the economic index and weather parameters;

Calculate optimum V1, VR, V2 and cruise speed according to the cruise altitude; calculating speeds in both knots AND mach;

Control the VNAV (Vertical Navigation) functions when climbing, cruising and descending, taking into account economic speeds and altitudes, user-modified speeds and altitudes and TRANSIT and RESTRICTED speeds and altitudes;

Manage the function cruise “economic climb” when the aircraft loses weight due to fuel having been burned, in accordance with either the ICAO standard or a user-defined value;

Manage the complete HOLD function at an actual position, programmed altitude or at a predefined waypoint with adjustable leg time or distance, speed and altitude;

Manage the FIX function, for heading to a specified VOR;

Display all necessary information relating to:

ATC - flight number, aircraft ident, etc...,

VNAV - speeds and altitudes,

LEGS - giving for each the waypoint, heading, distance and altitude,

PROGRESS - the actual position, the previous and next waypoints and the Estimated

Time of Arrival (ETA) at the destination airport,

APPROACH SPEED - useful information on the flap settings and corresponding speed limits required during an approach, speed and aircraft weight,

NAV - radios, both active and standby, OBS and radials,

COMM - radios, both active and standby, transponder and ADF,

POSITION - the current position of the aircraft at the departure airport and (for fun) the three positions of the three IRSs (Inertial Reference Systems);

Allow direct data entry of all data into all function pages;

Allow the brightness of the display to be adjusted for night flights on both the FMC and the renewed PFD (Primary Flight Display) and EICAS Upper and Lower;

Allow the aircraft to be flown manually (providing the ROUTE has not been activated);

Last but not least, manage the fully automatic autoland, from the ILS capture to the full stop on the runway.

MFD: this now displays full information about the FLIGHTPLAN, MAP, COMM and NAV.

RADIOS and (for fun) clouds and other items, now in either a partial 180° display or a full 360° display format.

A special new function now displays a schema of the approach phase with aircraft representation along the ILS beam.

EICAS Upper and Lower: these display information about the engines, flaps, gear and alerts.

The panel has been successfully tested with both Windows XP and FS2004.

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