JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1

JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX

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  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1
  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1
  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1
  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1
  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1
  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1
  • JSG Panels - Universal FMC for FSX1


FSX Certified

JSGPanels Universal FMC Version X06 for FSX and Windows 7

This package includes a universal FMC designed for all of the FSX aircraft, including sounds and Pushback. This new version is easier to install than the previous version. In order to use this FMC, you need to be able to add lines into the panel.cfg file of an aircraft using a text editor like Notepad

The FMC is installed in the AIRBUS A321 as an example. Then install it in any other aircraft you like. You can install the FMC in as many aircraft a you want in your FSX. There is no limitation of the number of aircraft. To install in any other aircraft modify the panel.cfg as described in the documentation.

The FMC contains many powerful features including the ability to:
  • Follow an FSX Flight Plane (or by other software and imported into FSX), including the selected APPROACH PHASE, both horizontally and vertically and in accordance with defined speeds, allowing it to be changed if required during the flight
  • Manage the TAKE-OFF thrusts and the climb thrust TOGA, MAX THRUST, CRUISE and AUTOMATIC according to the economic index and weather parameters
  • Malculate optimum V1, VR, V2 and cruise speed according to the cruise altitude; calculating speeds in both knots AND mach
  • Montrol the LNAV (Longitudinal Navigation) and VNAV (Vertical Navigation) functions when climbing, cruising and descending, taking into account economic speeds and altitudes, user-modified speeds and altitudes and TRANSIT and RESTRICTED speeds and altitudes
  • Manage the function cruise "economic climb" when the aircraft loses weight due to fuel having been burned, in accordance with either the ICAO standard or a user-defined value
  • Manage the complete HOLD function at an actual position, programmed altitude or at a predefined waypoint with adjustable leg time or distance, speed and altitude
  • Manage the FIX function, for heading to a specified VOR
  • Display all necessary information relating to:
    • ATC - flight number, aircraft ident, etc...
    • VNAV - speeds and altitudes
    • LEGS - giving for each the waypoint, heading, distance and altitude
    • PROGRESS - the actual position, the previous and next waypoints and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and fuel at the destination airport
    • APPROACH SPEED - useful information on the flap settings and corresponding speed limits required during an approach, speed and aircraft weight
    • NAV - this displays radios, both active and standby, OBS and radials. Searches and retrieves the NAV ILS & COMM codes by entering the ICAO name directly in the FMC
    • COMM - radios, both active and standby, transponder and ADF
    • POSITION - the current position of the aircraft at the departure airport and (for fun) the three positions of the three IRSs (Inertial Reference Systems)
  • Allow direct data entry of all data into all function pages, VORs ILSs and STARs retrieval by entering directly the ICAO code with mouse clicks on the FMC keyboard itself on the screen
  • Follow the APPROACH and TRANSITION retrieved as described above
  • Allow the brightness of the display to be adjusted for night flights on both the FMC and the PFD (Primary Flight Display) MFD (Multi Functions display) RADIOs and EICAS Upper and Lower
  • Allow the aircraft to be flown manually (providing the ROUTE has not been activated)
  • Retrieve an ALTERNATE AIRPORT depending on runway length and airport distance
  • Adjust he brightness of the FMC screen
  • Manage the fully automatic autoland, from the ILS capture to the full stop on the runway.

However it will NOT create flight plans directly, however Flight Simulator itself, as well as other quality software packages can.

FMC - CDU Summary

The CDU contains many pages, each of which relates to a specific FMC function. They are selected with the Mode Select keys. In addition, some keys such as INIT REF and VNAV themselves contain several sub-pages.

Pressing a key (mouse click on a FMC button) automatically displays a page containing data updated to reflect the current contents of the FMC, the location of the aircraft and the setting of the controls. Pages can also be selected by clicking on the PREV PAGE or NEXT PAGE buttons or can be chosen from a list by selecting the < INDEX prompt.
  • aINIT REF:
    • IDENT displays the aircraft and engine model, the nav data used and the nav data validity times,
    • POS INIT displays the IRS position initialization,
    • PERF INIT (Performance Initialization) displays the aircraft weights, cruise altitude and cost index,
    • THRUST LIMIT displays the reference thrust limits, reduced and derated thrust,
    • TAKE OFF REF displays the take-off VNAV profile and take-off reference speeds,
    • APPROACH REF displays the Approach reference speeds,
    • MENU displays simulator-specific functions;
  • RTE displays the route origin and the destination airport;
  • DEP ARR allows to search for an approach procedure for a given airport by entering the ICAO code of an airport, then follows the approach,
  • Controls the ALTERNATE AIRPORT,
  • NAV:
    • CLB VNAV displays the climb parameters,
    • CRZ VNAV displays the cruise parameters,
    • DES VNAV displays the descent parameters ;
  • LEGS displays the enroute waypoints;
  • Manages FIX and HOLD and displays the holding pattern parameters;
  • PROGRESS displays flight progress and time/fuel estimations;
  • MENU displays simulator-specific functions,
  • NAV RADIO displays the navigation radios, allows searching a radio frequency by entering the ICAO code.
  • COMM RADIOS displays the communication radios, allows searching a radio frequency by entering the ICAO code.
  • Plays the CHECKLISTS,
  • For heavy aircraft, manages the AUTOMATIC LANDING.
  • Includes a funny PUSHBACK function.

For each page necessary information is directly entered in the FMC using mouse clicks on the FMC keyboard.

Audio Package

All the noisy switches (mainly the rotating ones) on Main and Overhead panels and Throttel have sounds attached to them.

You have a COPILOT with you and he informs you regularly about many important events during the flight. When requested to, he will recite the CHECKLISTS you ask for. The Digitized Cockpit Voice alerts you when an incident occurs such as Wind Sheer or Pitch is tto steep, Bank Angle to steep or you are off Glideslope.


Passing an airport beacons results in 3, 2 or 1 bips, according to whether it is the OUTER, MEDIUM or INNER beacon.


The Ground Positioning Warning System (GPWS) is included and you will hear the digitalized voice announcing 2500, 1000, 500,….50, 40, 20,10.

Support Aircraft List

The following aircraft are supported by the FMC:
  • AIRBUS A321, A340 and A380
  • BEECHCRAFT Baron 58, King Air 350
  • BOEING 707, 727, 737, 757, 767, 777, 747, B52, MD11, MD80 and MD83
  • BOMBARDIER CRJ700, Lear 45 and Lear 60
  • CESSNA 172, 182 and 208
  • DOUGLAS DC3 and DC10
  • EXTRA 300
  • LOOKHEED C130 and 135
  • MAULE M7
  • MOONEY Bravo
  • PIPER J3

More aircraft will be added in the future. Your requests will be welcome.

All the sounds files are included in only one gauge. All necessary gauges are contained in the FSX gauges folder. This x06 version is for Windows 7 and FSX ONLY.

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