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Just Flight - F-111 Aardvark

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  • Just Flight - F-111 Aardvark1


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This expansion of the USAF F-111A variant and the later F-111C model exported to the RAAF captures perfectly the F-111's power and destructive force.

Both aircraft feature five liveries, highly detailed model-specific virtual cockpits, the distinctive F-111 variable wing swing and even a functioning cockpit ejection escape pod. Other features include a cockpit selection panel for controlling aircraft ordnance, accurate flight dynamics and a stereo sound set.

The Just Flight F-111 Aardvark captures perfectly the power and destructive force of this pioneering interdictor, tactical strike and strategic bomber aircraft.

This package includes the F-111A and F-111C models in five liveries each with highly detailed model-specific virtual cockpits and a range of ordnance.

The distinctive F-111 variable wing swing is modelled with accurate flap, slat and wing glove operation, and there's even a functioning escape pod, allowing you to jettison yourself from the aircraft in case on an in-flight emergency. Following the jettison process, a parachute will deploy from the escape-pod and guide you to a safe touchdown.

Other features include the iconic F-111 'Dump & Burn' feature, and an accurate HUD, authentic tracking, radar and radio equipment, and a selection panel for controlling what ordnance appears on the aircraft.

Further aircraft information

The F-111A is the original production variant built for the USAF as a medium range interdictor and tactical strike fighter/bomber, entering service in 1967. It's swing-wing variable - sweep wings enabled the F-111 to cover a wide range of tactical missions from slow-speed, low-altitude bombing to high-speed (Mach 2.5) fighter interceptor roles at altitudes up to 66,000ft. Its primary function, however, remained as a tactical ground strike and effective ground-forces support machine.

The F-111B was to be a naval adaption of the design but was not taken up by the US Navy who instead, opted for the more experienced Grumman products. However the version had an increased wingspan which was later ordered to be fitted to the F-111A by the Australian Defense Forces. This modified variant was designated the F-111C. The Royal Australian Air Force began taking delivery of 24 F-111Cs in 1973.

This all-weather attack aircraft unusually has a twin-seat cockpit with the crew sitting side-by-side. Among the many innovative features of the airframe, a fully enclosed and sealed cockpit formed a rocket-propelled 'escape pod' which could be jettisoned in an emergency, supported on parachutes similar to Apollo capsules. Airbags could be deployed to soften the impact of a landing. This device left the crew free of bulky parachute gear and or ejection seats, making for a more comfortable cockpit environment.

The USAF gradually retired its F-111s throughout the 1990s and Australia's F-111Cs were retired in December 2010 when F-18 Super-Hornets arrived to replace them.


Two F-111 models are included, featuring fully animated flying surfaces, landing gear, doors and hatches:
  • F-111A
  • F-111C
An authentically modeled escape pod is included, allowing you to jettison yourself from the aircraft in case on an in-flight emergency. Following the jettison process, a parachute will deploy from the escape-pod and guide you to a safe touch-down. A full range of selectable ordnance is provided:
  • Multiple ejector racks
  • Paveways
  • Drop-tanks
  • Sidewinder
Variable wing swing is modelled, with accurate flap, slat and wing glove operation, and the bomb bay is fully modelled.

Ground equipment including chokes, cones and ground power unit.


Ten high definition liveries are included:
  • F-111A
  • 474th TFW, USAF - NA (67-0064)
  • 429th TFW, Black Falcons USAF - NA (67-0065)
  • 473rd TFW, USAF - NB (67-0060)
  • 430th TFW, USAF - WF (67-0048)
  • 430th TFW, USAF - NC (67-0034)
  • F-111C

  • A8-131 2006 'Red Flag' scheme
  • A8-131 2003 '30 year anniversary' scheme
  • A8-125 2007 '90 year RAAF anniversary' scheme
  • A8-125 2007 '25 year F111 anniversary' scheme
  • A8-136 No 1 squadron
Virtual Cockpit
  • 'Baked' textures are used to give the highly detailed cockpit a period, worn look
  • Fully functional with nearly all switches, knobs and levers animated and functional
  • Authentic gauges and tracking, radar and radio equipment
  • Accurate HUD
  • Separate A and C variant cockpits
  • Numerous custom 3D gauges
  • Selection panel for controlling what ordnance appears on the aircraft
  • Authentic and simplified autopilot controls
  • Soft glow night lighting
Other features
  • Iconic 'dump and burn' functionality
  • Highly accurate flight dynamics closely simulate the real aircraft performance envelope
  • Professional standard stereo sound set delivers the full force of the two P&W Turbofan engines
Paint Kit
  • A layered PSD paint kit is included, featuring individual layers for weathering and detail (Photoshop or similar software required).
System Requirements:
  • Flight Simulator X (Acceleration, SP2 and Direct X 10 preview compatible) or Prepar3D
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 1.0GB RAM
  • 256Mb 3D graphics card
  • Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • 1.0GB hard drive space
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