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by David Freed  Date Added: Sunday 03 February, 2019
I bought this software hoping it would provide a lot of air traffic
to simulate a Class B or C airport environment with ATC capability.
What I wanted was a lot of congestion in the air corridors. I am a

While the software installed OK, it appears to be a huge program
that really slowed down my PC, so I had to uninstall it. Never did get
it to work.

I am running FSX Steam Edition on a Window 8 PC.

Previously, I tried software called "The World of AI", but again,
that one proved too difficult and time consuming to work with, hence
the Traffic 360 as an alternative (which also did not work for me).

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have a small fortune tied
up in software these days, but much of this stuff does not work well.
On the flip side, some does work, and it works very well, so this is
NOT a complaint.

Dave in SC

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