JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1

JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class

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  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1
  • JustFlight - A4 Pacific Class1

First run in 1935, the 4-6-2 A4 Pacific Class of streamlined locomotives were designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and represent the pinnacle of British steam trains. The record breaking Mallard is probably the best known steam train in the world and it is joined by the Bittern, Silver Link, Sir Nigel Gresley and Union of South Africa in this fantastic package.

  • A4 Pacific Class is officially licensed by the National Railway Museum and was developed with help from experienced A4 drivers.
  • Unique features and animations abound, including working lights, accurately animated running gear, buffers, firebox door as well as working gauges and lots more!
  • Includes an accurate sound package from a real A4, including the distinctive A4 whistle
  • Six challenging scenarios

Package overview

  • National Railway Museum licensed
  • High quality sounds recorded from a current in-service A4
  • Accurate physics
  • 6 scenarios


  • A4 Pacific Class locomotive twin chimney
  • A4 Pacific Class locomotive single chimney
  • A4 Pacific Class locomotive with side fairings installed
  • A4 Pacific Class locomotive with side fairings removed
  • Tender (with corridor)
  • Tender (no corridor)

A4 Pacific Class steam locomotives in the following variations:

  • Bittern - British Rail green circa 2000
  • Mallard - NRM LNER blue
  • Mallard - National Rail Museum blue 1980s with ‘Mallard 88’ headboard
  • Mallard - National Rail Museum with 'The Coronation' headboard
  • Silver Link - LNER circa 1935
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - British Rail blue circa 2000
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - British Rail blue circa 2000 with 'The A4 Locomotive Society Limited' headboard
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - LNER Blue 1980s
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - LNER Blue 1980s with 'Cumbrian Coast Express' headboard
  • Union of South Africa - British Rail green circa 2000
  • Union of South Africa - British Rail green circa 2000 with 'The Flying Scotsman' headboard

Tender liveries

The tender comes in two types in the following five liveries:

  • Silver Link - LNER silver circa 1935
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - British Rail blue
  • Sir Nigel Gresley - LNER blue
  • Union of South Africa and Bittern - British Rail green
  • Mallard – NRM - LNER Blue

High quality external modelling

  • Headboards
  • Front and rear working lights
  • Single and twin chimneys
  • Corridor and non-corridor tenders
  • Headboard mounting brackets
  • Fully animated and intricate running gear
  • Cylinder cock piping
  • Sanders piping
  • Buffers
  • Couplings
  • Boiler side hand grab rails
  • Name plates
  • Cab roof vents
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Core plugs
  • Steps
  • Rivets
  • Cab access grab handles
  • Steam whistle
  • Anti-slip walk areas at front of boiler.
  • Corridor tender rear window
  • Tender rear steps
  • Tender grab rails
  • Tender water filling point
  • Animated coal level 

Accurate cab

  • Speed data recorder
  • Animated firebox door
  • Roof vents
  • Pipe work
  • Gauges
  • Levers and controls
  • Driver and Fireman seats
  • Non-operating/animated tender controls; Water level indicator, water scoop control, tender coal door.

Animated controls

  • Sanding lever
  • Cylinder cock lever
  • Small compressor lever
  • Blower lever
  • Live injector steam
  • Exhaust injector steam
  • Reverser
  • Regulator
  • Whistle operating lever
  • Brake operating lever
  • Damper

Operating gauges

  • Dual pressure gauge for brake vacuum and brake chamber vacuum
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Steam chest pressure gaug
  • Steam heating gauge
  • Dual water level indicators
  • Reverser position indicator

Sounds, physics and effects

  • Genuine sounds recorded from an in-service A4
  • Custom Physics
  • Smoke and steam effects


These scenarios work in both RailWorks and Rail Simulator, and there is also a Free Roam
scenario for each of these routes:

Newcastle - York route

NB: The non-European release of Rail Simulator did not include the Newcastle - York route by default. It is available to purchase from Just Trains here.

Last Fling
It’s the late 1980s... The Mallard's boiler certificate runs out soon, and the famous A4 is taking an enthusiast train north from York for one last fling. You should see the Sir Nigel Gresley heading south as you head north.

Streaking South
Sir Nigel Gresley is on a southbound journey from Gateshead after a series of West Coast rail tours. You should see the Mallard heading North on a farewell enthusiast run. The delight of seeing two ‘Streaks’ passing on the East Coast Main line hasn’t been enjoyed for many years.

Not all it seems
The first four A4s ran in a Silver livery for the Silver Jubilee streamlined train between London and Newcastle. None of the four was ever preserved. However, Bittern is masquerading as Silver Link complete with single chimney and you get to take her out on the East Coast Mainline.

Oxford - Paddington route

Westward Ho!
Present day - Bittern is taking a charter of BR southern region Mark 1s down to the West Country. Start at Paddington and run west to Didcot.

Newcastle to York Modern route

NB: this is not a default route in Rail Simulator or RailWorks, but can be purchased from Just Trains as a Download (184Mb) or a Boxed version.

A4 Joining the Union
Present day - To Celebrate Darlington’s long History of railway engineering, a special train for VIPs and enthusiasts is being run from Gateshead down to Darlington. Union of South Africa is being used to provide the grunt.

Sir Nigel heads North
Present Day - After the Darlington festivities, Sir Nigel Gresley SNG will make the return journey to Gateshead.

Bath - Templecombe route

Free Roam

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