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by cole sibley *Verified Product User* Date Added: Sunday 03 February, 2019
I've been on the look out for good crop dusting sims for many years, as it has always been very interesting to me. I am not a pilot, but have been around pilots and small planes my whole life. I Am a farmer, and have been around agriculture and spraying my whole life. I have a good understanding of FSX, but am not an expert with it.

This sim fits the bill very well. It provides a framework inside of FSX for allowing dynamic and interesting crop dusting (around here we refer to the application of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides as 'spraying').

The program itself is a standalone program, it runs outside of FSX. It is very well documented with instructions. It is in effect a 'field generator', in that it makes a field(s) that needs care from a spray plane. It is extremely customizable, I was able to map out my entire farm and am able to spray it with any plane I choose with some effort and time. I will say the program is not exactly 'click-and-go' (it is, but that was not quite up to the standard I was looking for); it is necessary to get into it and set things up the way you want them, and then follow the correct series of steps to get everything working that way in the sim. After doing it a couple of times, it is simple and easy to repeat. It is much more detailed and comprehensive than a mission pack, or even payware aircraft (this package does not include any special agricultural aicraft) due to its dynamic nature.

The graphics are standard FSX vintage, but work completely fine for immersion to convey what is getting done. The program itself is laid out nicely with tabs and buttons, and is easy to navigate.

Another important point to mention is the included SatLocIII Gauge. This gauge is extremely detailed and realistic, and with original documentation apparently directly from SatLoc themselves. It is not easy to use correctly, but once you understand how it works, it is an invaluable modern tool. And while this gauge isn't necessary for crop dusting (you can use a smoke system, toilet paper, or your mkI eyeball like they did in the old days), it brings it into the modern age like nothing else out there that I know of.

So all in all, I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in crop dusting. With a little imagination, entire careers can be simulated. My uncle sprayed all through the late 1970's and early 1980's with a piper cub (this aircraft is included in every FSX) or you can add your own favorite aircraft (I absolutely love the payware Pawnee Brave). It is a fine tribute to the crazy pilots who have loaded their aircraft to the maximum and fly mere feet off the ground and make the tightest turns possible. Watch a few youtube videos of these guys and gals in action, and then recreate it at home.

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