Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1

Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros

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  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1
  • Lotus Sim - L-39 Albatros1


FSX Certified

The Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros is the most popular and successful single engine jet trainer of all time. Designed and built in Czechoslovakia during the cold war, the L-39 was developed to train pilots transitioning from simple propeller driven aircraft to front line Soviet fighters. Over 4000 examples were produced, serving with over 25 air forces around the world, and although production ceased in 1988 some 900 are still in service today. The jet was built to be extremely agile, durable, self sufficient, and tolerant of student pilot error. After the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s several hundred examples found their way into private hands and are now regular attractions at airshows of all sizes. The jet is also popular with formation teams, serving with the world famous Breitling Jet Team and Vjazma Rus Aero Club, and even has its own competition class at the Reno Air Races.

This Lotus Simulations rendition of the L-39C Albatros bucks the trend in framerate sapping aircraft models by careful and considered design of geometry, textures, and code from the start. Built from the ground up for Shared Cockpit online training and multiplayer formation flight, as well as normal single player use, this aircraft is designed to maintain high framerate performance in all flight situations.

The Albatros features fully detailed virtual cockpits, in both dual and single seat versions, as well as a Reno racing variant and a special stripped down and ultra high performance model for those who participate in online formation flight teams. All of the L-39's instruments are rendered in full 3D for smooth and stutter free flight, and all of the plane's unique performance and handling quirks have been recreated, making this aircraft perfect for pilots who seek a challenging "stick and rudder" flight experience.

The Albatros features extensive and in depth systems modeling, including some with potentially hazardous consequences, and several unique and immersion enhancing special effects that have never before been seen in Flight Simulator X. Prime examples of these innovations are its revolutionary new light systems, and the return of VC canopy rain effects to FSX at last, something which was generally thought impossible.

Being built specifically to accomodate Shared Cockpit flight, all of the real L-39's rear cockpit instrument failure simulation systems have been replicated as well, allowing instructors to train students online in partial panel IFR flight or the handling of systems failures.

The flight dynamics and performance have been derived from personal developer experience flying a real L-39C and with extensive further input and testing by private L-39 owners.

The L-39's brilliant sound set has been provided by Turbine Sound Studios and almost every switch and system in the cockpit has associated sound effects for that extra layer of immersion.

In addition several models are pre-configured to accept Reality XP's excellent GNS430 GPS unit in the virtual cockpit.

Requirements: FSX with Service Pack 2, Acceleration Expansion, or FSX Gold Edition


* 15 Dual Cockpit versions (9 military, 6 civilian, 6 with long range fuel tanks)
* 4 Single Cockpit versions (Front cockpit only, 2 military, 2 civilian)
* 1 Reno racing prepped version "Pipsqueak", fastest L-39 in the world
* 1 Special model for online formation teams (Front cockpit only, reduced special effects, blistering performance)
* 5 versions pre-configured for Reality XP GNS430 GPS in the virtual cockpit (Reality XP GPS software is not included)
* 17 unique real world paint schemes


* Realistic engine management controls, spool time, throttle response, and temperature limits
* Saphir-5 jet starter APU with realistic operation and controls
* Realistic electrical bus functions & dependencies
* Main & emergency hydraulic systems with interconnect
* Emergency flap and gear deployment levers
* Pressurization system
* Diluter demand oxygen system, with potential for hypoxia effects and loss of consciousness from misuse
* EGT limiter self protection fuel cutout
* Engine damage modeling from misuse or flight in icing conditions
* Windshield & engine anti-ice functions
* GPS, navigation & communication radios
* Overspeed flap deployment self protection mechanism
* Emergency fuel pump
* Fire extinguisher
* Rear cockpit landing gear override
* Rear cockpit instrument failure simulation controls for partial panel flight training in Shared Cockpit mode
* Realistic fuel tank feed operation
* Realistic radar altimeter response
* All systems functionality based on real world L-39 operating manual and with extensive input from L-39 pilots and maintenance personnel

Flight Dynamics:

* Fully aerobatic and capable of stable spins and sideslips
* Realistic and sensitive response to AoA and load factor, a challenge to fly at the limits
* Performance based on personal developer flight time in a real L-39C and with extensive further testing by L-39 owners


* Extremely detailed and complete Dual and Single cockpit variants provided, suitable for Shared Cockpit, formation, or solo flight
* Military and Civilian (no gunsight) cockpit variations included
* Projected and collimated electro-optical gunsight reticule in military variants
* High resolution and realistically shaded cockpit textures
* Cockpit textures are "zero load time". After intial aircraft load, they are always present when you return to the VC, no waiting.
* Extremely Track-ir friendly. No holes or missing parts visible from anywhere in the cockpits, even with very aggressive Track-ir use.
* Unique and extremely effective new landing light system, which actually properly illuminates the ground (and other objects from the VC), a first for a Flight Simulator aircraft. These landing lights adapt smoothly to the time of day.
* Illuminated raindrops in front of the landing light bulbs in poor weather
* Animated virtual cockpit canopy rain effects, another first for a true FSX native aircraft
* Full 3D gauges throughout, including all of the behavioral quirks of their real life counterparts
* Gauges are all original Russian equipment and use the metric system (except altimeter)
* Stunning cockpit night lighting with adaptive red and white instrument lighting selections and independent controls for front and rear cockpits
* Progressive canopy icing effects
* Specular scratch effects on canopies in the sun
* Animated extensible instrument flight training hood for front cockpit
* Ability to hide control columns from view for IFR flight
* Realistic ground roll, G-load and stall buffet effects

External Model:

* High detail but extremely low overhead models, built for maximum rendering efficiency, especially in the performance demanding FSX multiplayer environment
* Variety of hardpoint and weapon/fuel tank configurations across the different variants
* Realistic external lights, all built into the model itself to avoid FSX clipping and separation problems. Strobe lights illuminate the ground.
* Highly detailed textures with full bump and specular mapping, and realistic shading and weathering
* Mechanical backup gear and flap position indicators on the wings unique to the L-39
* Extending animated ram air turbine
* Fully animated pilots that are reactive to aircraft momentum and raise their visors automatically during night flight
* Progressive surface icing effects
* Highly realistic plexiglass canopies with specular effects
* All of the typical expected animations such as flight controls, trim tabs, landing gear, flaps, speed brakes, canopies, and integral boarding ladders


* All primary sounds recorded from a real L-39C and produced by award winning Turbine Sound Studios.
* Full 3D spatial sound effects
* AI sound set included for enhanced aircraft sounds in multiplayer and AI traffic use
* Dozens of cockpit sound effects for almost all switches, controls, and systems, including cockpit G-suit pump.


* An extremely thorough and well illustrated 122 page operations manual is included (PDF format).


* Tutorial videos and paint kit are also available at the Lotus Simulations website

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