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by Oliver Beyer *Verified Product User* Date Added: Thursday 06 August, 2009
I was kinda cought off guard by the L-39 (not waiting for the release and beeing teased by 'comming soons') and boy what a nice surprise this is.

I know this is said often and has worn out it's welcome nearly as much as 'comming soon' but the L-39 is a masterpiece. It combines beautiful modelling and really well done textures (with nice but not overdone wear and tear) with superb framerate. Actually the framerate of the L-39 is on par with the FSX trike - at least on my system.

What makes it even better is the fact that the L-39 offers a load of features and innovations that should bot be possible in FSX. If you've seen the rain on the canopy glass and the other nice but subtle details you can hardly imagine a better looking VC.

And now throw in great multiplayer capabilities, system depth (as far as this can be demanded in respect to a simple trainer jet) and you get what...

... right, a masterpiece!

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