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by Reed Maxson *Verified Product User* Date Added: Thursday 20 August, 2009
This aircraft is a work of art, from the research through the rendering and well written and elegantly presented manual. The aircraft is generally smooth flying and frame rate friendly.

While it may be possible to load one of the fourteen L-39s, shove the throttle forward and go, the author's recommendation to read the manual is good advise. I did not read the entire manual prior to taking off, but I read the first 20 pages or so and continue to consult the manual during my “flight training,” which makes each flight a more interesting adventure. Besides, knowing how to avoid high altitude hypoxia is useful for self preservation. When the designer writes “Know This Or Die,” he's not kidding.

Regarding cost, at least two other aircraft could be purchased for the price of this one. But my preference is quality over quantity, and this package is high quality. In addition, the package contains fourteen variations of the L-39 which are not just repaints of the same airplane, but have varying characteristics and features. It's a good buy.

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