Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1

Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition

Earn 430 Pilot Points
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  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1
  • Majestic - Dash 8Q 300 Training Edition1


FSX Certified

  • Every edition includes a close to 100% correct airplane system simulation
  • Every aircraft panel, used for the normal operation with almost every possible switch simulated.
  • Advanced FMC with the waypoint and terminal database, holding function, Direct To and PVOR maneuvers .
  • Data converter for the Navigraph nav data provider to update the FMC databases with the actual nav data cycles.
  • Virtual cockpit with animated handles and wipers.
  • Animated prop blades angle in both standing and running modes
  • 6 liveries - Tyrolean Airways, Air Nostrum, Austrian Airlines, Liat, Lufthansa, British Airways
  • Pax loader application which allows loading the plane in every possible way, and provides the feature to move the
  • Center of Gravity as desired by the user.
  • (first time in MSFS) Remote Control Station (REMCL), provides the monitoring of every aircraft system and allows the selected failures (the number of allowed failures are edition dependant).
  • (first time in MSFS) Simulated in a custom way, DirectX based sound engine, which does the close to real sound simulation for the propellers, engines and the environment.
  • (first time in MSFS) Simulated in a custom way Powerplant logic, that utilizes our custom made prop blades pitch control algorithm, and gives the close to the real - engine indications, powerplant (engines and propellers) behavior and performance
  • Close to real air dynamics and airplane performance, tested thoughtfully by a team, consisting mostly of the airline pilots and Dash 8 technicians.
  • The real weather radar, utilizing the fs2004 NWI (New Weather Interface) and creating an accurate representation of the weather within the desired range, from both World Real Weather, fs2004/FSX own weather or any weather controlling addons.
  • Fully integrated with SquawkBox 3.0 including the Transponder modes, COMs and Audio panel.
  • Entertainment and announcements module with built in MP3 player and recorded cabin announcements.
  • The through documentation consisting of 70 pages describing the function of every airplane system as well as the practical notes on usage. The quick start guide is also included to simplify the initial training.
  • Discussion board and email support by our support team.

    The Dash 8 Q300 Version 2.0005 Training edition:
    This package is the most advanced of our Dash8-Q300 series and is intended as a training aid for the professional pilots and technicians, as well as for the CBT system familiarization and demonstrations. The training edition is a former AIRLINE edition, which was already in use for some time in the numerous flight schools for the goal pilots and technicians training. This edition provides the full range of failures in every aircraft system using the included instructor station, as well as our new guide on how to utilize the capabilities of this software to prepare to the recurrent pilot proficiency checks. Apart of that, the training edition if full hardware cockpit enabled, and can be used to build home cockpits of various complexities from the ground up.

    The clients, utilizing the MJCQ300 software include : Tyrolean Airways (HGS training FTD), NZ military (technicians training), Oxford Aviation Academy, and numerous airline pilots utilizing the software for the proficiency checks preparation.

    Minimum system specification for all editions:

    Intel or Athlon CPU 1,2 Ghz, 512MB RAM, 2Gb HDD, 32MB Video Card. Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (with DX10 preview option deactivated). Microsoft MSFS2004 or FSX, Pete Dowson's FSUIPC utility (freeware).. Optimized for 1280x1024 resolution. Minimum 1024x768.

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