Matrox TripleHead2Go DIGITAL Edition1

Matrox TripleHead2Go DIGITAL Edition

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Experience Surround Graphics?
TripleHead2Go Digital Edition delivers the ultimate surround graphics experience for professionals and gaming enthusiasts alike. This versatile new product enables users looking to add three digital monitors to their workstation, desktop computer or notebook with a maximum resolution of up to 5760x1080 (3x 1920x1080).

The latest in Matrox's series of Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXM), TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is an external multi-display upgrade device that connects via the dual-link DVI or analog output of your system and can support both analog and digital monitors. Dramatically increasing Office Productivity for business professionals, providing an incredible Surround Design environment to high-end workstation users and delivering the most immersive Surround Gaming? experience to gamers, the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is the ideal solution for individuals looking for a truly digital-to-digital experience.

Key features

- Features a dual-link digital input for high-end workstations and DVI monitors.

- Brings digital monitor support to systems with an analog (VGA) output.

- Flexible device supports both dual-monitor configurations at a maximum resolution of up to 5760x1080 (3x 1920x1080) and triple-monitor configurations.

- Harness your existing graphics hardware's full capabilities for 2D, 3D and video.

- Experience Surround Gaming by expanding supported 3D games across three displays; achieve a much wider in-game field of view.

- Experience Surround Graphics and execute your workload faster by expanding your desktop across three displays.

- Includes Matrox Monitor Bezel Management software feature for an enhanced gaming experience2.
1System dependent. See compatibility list.
2Available under Windows only.

Multi-display configurations

Upgrade notebook to three external displays.

Upgrade integrated-graphics based desktop to three external displays.
Benefits of Monitor Bezel Management: Real life simulation
Matrox TripleHead2Go's Monitor Bezel Management technology is an exclusive software feature with the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition that effectively "hides" part of the image behind the bezel of your monitor, and creates the effect of a continuous image-bringing a new realism to gaming in particular to simulation-type video games. By selecting this option through the Matrox PowerDesk SE3 interface, race simmers for example, can see the race track with the race track lines fully aligned from the base leg without the monitor bezels hindering their view, and allowing them to have a "real-life" racing experience.

3For Windows only.

Without Monitor Bezel Management

With Monitor Bezel Management

Portability and installation
Light-weight and ultra-compact, you can easily take TripleHead2Go Digital Edition with you and experience all the benefits of a surround desktop at the office, at interactive customer design reviews or at LAN parties.

Unlike installing a new graphics card, TripleHead2Go doesn't require opening your computer, inserting parts into it, or replacing any hardware or software.

Setup is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Once the software is installed, it's basically just a matter of connecting your monitors.

For Windows users all mode setting is available through
Display Properties
-> Settings

TripleHead2Go Digital Edition is compatible with many professional and enthusiast class desktops and notebooks. A complete list of known compatible systems is available and will be regularly updated to reflect new system support.

Minimum system requirements
Dual-link DVI or single VGA output connector, on a compatible system
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows XP x64bit, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X v10.4
Powered USB connector

*Under Windows 2000, when TripleHead2Go is connected to a notebook only the 3 external displays will be active - the LCD screen will be disabled.

Product information
10 cm x 14 cm x 3.2 cm
280 grams
1x HD-15 (analog) for input, 1x DVI-I (digital) for input, 3x DVI-I (digital) for output, 1x USB for power
2-year limited warranty
Part number:

Hardware included

TripleHead2Go box

-One HD15-HD15 2' VGA cable
-One DVI-DVI 2' cable
-One USB cable
-Quickstart paper and CD, which includes the following software:
- Install package
- PowerDesk SE (includes Image quality adjustment, center popup, window
management, Matrox Monitor Bezel Management feature, etc.)
- Electronic Product Manual

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Matrox TripleHead2Go DIGITAL Edition
I LOVE this. I am still waiting for it to support 3x1920x120 ..
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