Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1

Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle

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  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1
  • Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II with ADVANCED Tacpack Bundle1


Updated January 10th, 2019 To Include vA1.180712 - Now Supports P3D v4.2

Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II Advanced for FSX & P3D

The quest for perfection.

Milviz's Advanced Series / TackPack module for the award winning MilViz F-4J/S Phantom II highlights our continued quest for the highest levels of simulation fidelity. Installed in conjunction with the standard F-4J/S (required, not included), this release introduces study level functionality and flight modeling, along with full TacPack integration, to one of the best aircraft in our fleet.

Introducing the Advanced Series MilViz F-4J/S Phantom II

As equally iconic as it's Air Force counterpart, the distinctive F-4 Phantom II was at the leading edge of carrier enabled power projection for the US Navy. Beginning in 1966 as a version of the F-4B upgraded to meet the requirements of the Navy and the Marines, 522 aircraft were designated as F-4J's. In 1977 the J was extensively upgraded and modernized to become the F-4S, with 302 airframes receiving the complete upgrade. Having served admirably for 20 years, the final active duty Phantom carrier launch took place in March of 1986.

Our award winning F-4J/S Phantom II package is, we feel, a brilliant aircraft simulation, but we intend to push that even farther. The capabilities of Microsoft Flight Simulator (and by extension, Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d) allow for a plausible simulation of the flight regime of most aircraft, especially when in the hands of a skilled developer. However, there are many limitations present in the base simulator platform that prevent a true study-level simulation.

As such, we are proud to announce our Advanced Series F-4J/S. This expansion is designed to overcome current limitations present in simulator-based flight dynamics and systems simulation to provide a truly definitive, true-to-life representation of the real aircraft. This expansion also integrates TacPack functionality in order to provide all full range of the Phantom experience.

External Flight Physics Engine

The Advanced Series F-4J/S expansion includes an external physics engine that is independent of the FSX/P3D simulator platform. This allows the recreation of accurate aircraft characteristics (including post-stall region) without the traditional limitations imposed by the default simulator engine. This extends to a highly realistic external engine model of the J79-GE-10B, reproducing accurate thrust output values across all RPM/throttle ranges, as well as accurate fuel consumption and engine characteristics.

Individually developed flight models for the F-4J and the F-4S are present, each with accurate stability and control derivatives based on wind tunnel and flight test data. This is translated in a realistic aircraft behavior at all conditions (angle of attack=[-180, 180] / Mach=[0, +2]). Adding to this is an accurate drag model, proper slats aerodynamic effects, and highly developed boundary layer control effects with realistic representation of lift and engine thrust. A realistic weight and CG model has also been implemented, with aircraft handling characteristics being realistically affected by loaded stores in terms of moments of inertia and CG position. Correct CG management will need to be observed.

As a result of the combination of all of these features, the F-4J/S ADV model accurately matches the real jet performance figures in terms of maximum speed, acceleration, maneuvering capability, range, for all possible configurations!

In-Depth Systems Modeling

A realistic F-4 Phantom Flight Control System (FCS) has been implemented in the ADV. It not only includes a 1:1 recreation of the real aircraft SAS (Pitch/Roll/Yaw), but also a model of the bob-weight and stick forces system. These last are implemented within the obvious limitations of non-forcefeedback hardware and programming. Individual control surface effects are modeled including actuators dynamics and other FCS specific elements.

A realistic Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) has been modeled, including realistic AFCS modes, behavior and limitations. including an implementation of the aircraft Automatic Pitch Trim. A realistic Approach Power Compensation System (APCS) has been modeled according to system technical description. This includes accurate system dynamics as well as operating limitations. Aircraft individual hydraulic and pneumatic lines are modeled. Each aircraft element is accurately actuated, including element redundancy and backup systems. In case of a single (or multiple) line failure, the affected system(s) will behave as defined in the Flight Manual.

J79 engine operating characteristics and limitations are accurately modeled. Amongst others, the ADV includes the following features: realistic engine operating limits (engine core and afterburner), realistic engine startup including GPU aided or Cartridge start, realistic engine windmilling and midair starts, and realistic nozzle and inlet ramp behaviors. A realistic fuel system is implemented in the ADV. Both Automatic or Manual (realistic) fuel management is available.

A custom landing gear model has been implemented in the ADV version. This includes, amongst other things, an individual landing gear element structural damage model (landing gear strut and tire), accurate nose wheel steering, and an accurate anti-skid system operation. Custom Aircraft Carrier Dynamics The F-4J/S ADV module also includes a custom carrier dynamics engine, with enhanced physics focusing on the catapult system and the arrestor gear system. In both cases, specific system limitations such as pneumatic power and mechanical resistance are taken into consideration, in order to allow for highly realistic carrier operations.

Custom & Configurable Failures

The F-4J/S ADV module allows a comprehensive system of aircraft failures, all able to be individually configured to suit any desired level of difficulty. Set to provide a fully realistic simulation experience, the failure capabilities will include not only realistic systems operation, but extend to cover the possibility of having a system failure with probabilities based on true failure rates. Individual or multiple failures timed events will be also available in order to recreate specific emergency situations.

Scalable Realism & Difficulty

Although we are proud of what has been accomplished with the F-4E ADV in terms of systems depth and flight modeling, we completely understand that on occasion you might not want all of that responsibility. After all, even students need a break now and then!

To that end, the realism of the included systems along with their associated limitations can be scaled from a 100% realistic experience with full system management under pilot control, all the way over to a easy / fail-free mode.

Instructor Mode

With maximum realism set and systems management under pilot control, there's no way around it: the Advanced Series F-4J/S is a very complex aircraft. Given all of this complexity, an "Instructor Mode" has been included. It can be selected to assist at any phase of flight operations, from engines start, to engines shut-down.

In this mode, everything from configuration changes and mis-operation warnings, right down to flying hints will be displayed just as if you had a real F-4 instructor sitting in your rear seat. Highly recommended during the familiarization period, this mode will help ease the learning curve typically associated with complex jets.

TacPack Integration Included

The F-4J/S ADV expansion comes complete with full TacPack integration, including all TacPack features applicable to the F-4 Phantom II, as well as realistic battle damage being modeled. The TacPack integration is 'smart'; TacPack features are only enabled if the TacPack software is installed. So while a functional TacPack installation is highly recommended, it isn't an absolute requirement. This enables the F-4J/S ADV module to continue to function if TacPack isn't desired, or simply not yet available for your choice of simulator platform.

Vertical Reality Simulations' TacPack software offers a stand-alone top notch weapons and warfare platform for Prepar3D. It is a payware product and is not included with your purchase from MilViz. The Advanced Series F-4J/S module is not a stand-alone add-on. It extends the functionality of the MilViz F-4J/S Phantom II and as such, that aircraft is required for this release to function. The Advanced Series F-4J/S module does not function nor is it compatible with the MilViz F-4E.

Special F-4E ADV Features:
  • External Flight Physics Engine
  • Accurate Drag Model
  • Realistic Slats Effects
  • Accurate Pylons, Racks & Stores Drag
  • Accurate Pylons, Racks & Stores Stability
  • Custom J79-GE-10B Engine Model
  • Realistic Engine Characteristics
  • Engine wind milling and midair starts
  • Realistic Fuel Management
  • Realistic weight, inertia and CG model
  • By-the-book performance
  • Complete TacPack integration
  • Realistic Flight Control Systems
  • Realistic Automatic Flight Control System
  • Detailed Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
  • Realistic Air Data Computer (ADC)
  • Detailed Landing Gear Structural Model
  • Realistic Nose Wheel Steering
  • Realistic Anti-Skid System
  • Scalable In-Depth Failure System
  • Detailed Icing System
  • Realistic Battle Damage (TacPack required)
  • Optional Instructor Mode
  • Custom Aircraft Carrier Dynamics
Warning: All Anti-Virus programs or software must be disabled before downloading and installing these products. Failure to do so may result in a faulty or non-functioning installation. False positives are very common and are not to be mistaken for actual viruses. We guarantee that there are no viruses present in our products.

Advanced Series

Please Note: This product makes significant changes to the existing installation of the MilViz F-4J/S Phantom. Installing this product will make a reversion back to the original F-4J/S product impossible without un-installing both items and reinstalling the base F-4J/S.

Also Note: This product requires the Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II for FSX & P3D version 1.171116 or later to be installed. You MUST have this product installed in order to use this title. Be certain you have the correct product installed prior to purchase because no returns, refunds or credits as available.

Milviz - F-4J & F-4S Phantom II for FSX & P3D

NOTE: This update is beyond the scope of an MVAMS update, so users will have to download, backup any custom liveries, uninstall their existing F-4J/S and then install the new one. This new version supports P3D v4.1 and is required to use the new F-4JS TacPack ADVANCED addon.


Ready for your CarQuals?

The F-4J, first flown in 1966, was an improved version of the F-4B for the Navy and the Marines. With enhanced air-to-air and ground attack capability, the huge, powerful Phantoms were at the forefront of carrier enabled power projection.

After a production run of 522, deliveries of the F-4J ended in 1972. The F-4J served the US Navy Blue Angels from 1969 through to 1973; this period was the only time that both the Navy and Air Force demonstration teams would fly similar aircraft.

Beginning in 1977, the F-4J was extensively modernized and designated an F-4S. Changes included smokeless engines, improved hydraulics, electronics, and wiring, as well as modifying the wings to increase manoeuvrability. In total, 302 aircraft were upgraded.

On 25 March 1986, an F-4S belonging to the VF-151 "Vigilantes," became the last active duty U.S. Navy Phantom to launch from an aircraft carrier, the Midway. On 18 October of the same year, an F-4S from the VF-202 "Superheats", a Naval Reserve fighter squadron, made the last-ever Phantom carrier landing. By 1987, the last of the Naval Reserve-operated F-4S aircraft were replaced by F-14's.

Introducing the Milviz F-4J/S Phantom II

We are very pleased to offer our carrier capable F-4's, with both the F-4J and the F-4S represented.

Call the Ball

Building on our well-regarded rendition of the F-4E, we didn't want anyone to think we'd forgotten about those who desire to fly 'feet wet'. Our F-4J and S models are fully carrier capable, with appropriate changes made to the models and the cockpit (only the 'S' cockpit is modelled and will be used for both aircraft), as well as to the performance envelope.

A Definitive Simulation

Utilizing every resource available to us and spending countless hours in design, testing, revising, and more testing again, we're confident that our model represents an extremely true-to-life rendition of the real world aircraft. We've taken great care in presenting an authentic environment for the virtual pilot; closely reproducing the original in looks, systems, sounds and flight modelling.

Attention To Detail

The cockpit of an F-4 represents a busy, complex workplace for the pilot. However, we've strived to perfect the feel of actually sitting in the pilots seat, being able to scan your vital instrumentation with a glance, all replicated with high resolution textures and smooth 3D animation. Being able to run through checklists, flipping all of the needed switches and toggles, monitoring systems as they spring to life. Being able to light the engines and feel the rumble of the massive turbojets behind you. Every bit of it, in your control and command! (Please note: Only the cockpit layout of the later F-4S is replicated in this release.)

Choose Your Loadout

We've included a very large selection of authentic weapons and pods to outfit your F-4 with. Our configuration menu lets you setup and configure your payload any way you wish, allowing you to configure for almost any mission. And of course, adding or removing ordinance or fuel will have an appropriate effect on flight dynamics and handling characteristics. (Important: All weapons in the Standard Edition are completely non-functional with the exception of jettison abilities)

System Requirements (Minimum):
  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • (use in all other versions of Windows is unsupported)
  • Processor: 2.6 Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX®11 compliant video card, 1024 MB video RAM or higher
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
  • FSX Version: FSX:Acceleration or FSX:Steam Edition
  • P3Dv2 Version: Installer supports version 2.5.
  • P3Dv3 Version: Installer supports version 3.4
  • P3Dv v4
Special Features:
  • Realistic systems and avionics
  • Realistic startup and shutdowns
  • Fully functional ACM (loadout menu)
  • Large selection of weapons and pods
  • Flight dynamics created by Bernt Stolle
  • Realistic DX10/DX11 night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
  • Includes numerous highly detailed liveries
  • Built for carrier landing & takeoffs
  • High quality sound set recorded from a real F-4
  • High quality external model using normal and specular maps
  • High quality internal model complete with custom 3D gauges
  • High resolution paint kit available
  • Highly detailed product manuals included
Warning: All Anti-Virus programs or software must be disabled before downloading and installing these products. Failure to do so may result in a faulty or non-functioning installation. False positives are very common and are not to be mistaken for actual viruses. We guarantee that there are no viruses present in our products.

Changes in Version 1.160411 Include
  • Supports P3D v3.2
Changes in Version 1.160603 Include:
  • Flap and Gear indicators
  • Slimelight on wing for J version
  • Radar scope reflection rotated 90* CCW
Changes Included In Version 1.161120 Include
  • Support for Prepar3D v3.4.14
  • Minor Bugfixes
Changes Included In Version 1.170323 Include
  • Support for Prepar3D v3.4.22

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