Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1

Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon

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  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1
  • Milviz - F-4E TacPack Addon1


FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

Updated July 22nd, 2018 To Include vA1.180712 - Now Supports P3D v4.2

NOTE: You MUST have the main F-4E Phantom II for FSX & P3D installed to use this product. No returns or refunds are available. You can get the full F-4E Phantom II for FSX & P3D here. You must also have the VRS TackPack installed (sold separately).

We are very proud to present our F-4E Phantom, now with multi-platform support!

A Definitive Simulation

Utilizing every resource available to us and spending countless hours in design, testing, revising, and more testing again, we're confident that our model represents an extremely true-to-life rendition of the real world aircraft. We've taken great care in presenting an authentic environment for the virtual pilot; closely reproducing the original in looks, systems, sounds and flight modelling.

Attention To Detail

The cockpit of an F-4 represents a busy, complex workplace for the pilot. However, we've strived to perfect the feel of actually sitting in the pilots seat, being able to scan your vital instrumentation with a glance, all replicated with high resolution textures and smooth 3D animation. Being able to run through checklists, flipping all of the needed switches and toggles, monitoring systems as they spring to life. Being able to light the engines and feel the rumble of the massive turbojets behind you. Every bit of it, in your control and command!

Choose Your Loadout

We've included a very large selection of authentic weapons and pods to outfit your F-4 with. Our configuration menu lets you setup and configure your payload any way you wish, allowing you to configure for almost any mission. And of course, adding or removing ordinance or fuel will have an appropriate effect on flight dynamics and handling characteristics.

Important: All weapons in the Standard Edition are completely non-functional with the exception of jettison abilities.

Variety And Possibility

Seeing as the F-4E was the most numerous Phantom variant, with some 1,370 built, as well as the most widely exported Phantom, having seen service with 9 countries outside of the US, there is no shortage of interesting liveries to consider. We've created a large number of extremely detailed liveries for your enjoyment; so many in fact that to lessen the size of the initial product download, we've provided a separate livery pack available for download, completely free. In addition, we're also providing a high quality paint kit for users to create their own liveries.

Multi-Platform Support

The Milviz F-4E now supports a full range of platforms, in a single downloadable installer:
  • FSX: Acceleration
  • FSX: Steam Edition
  • Prepar3d v2
  • Prepar3d v3
  • Prepar3d v4
Award Winning " There is no doubt about it, these are a hell of an add-on."
  • excerpt from the review at Mutley's Hangar, where we are very proud to say the F-4E scored a 9.7/10 and received a Mutley's Hangar Gold Award!
Special Features:
  • Realistic systems and avionics
  • Realistic startup and shutdowns
  • Fully functional ACM (loadout menu)
  • Large selection of weapons and pods
  • Flight dynamics created by Bernt Stolle
  • Realistic DX10/DX11 night lighting, landing lights and custom effects
  • Includes numerous highly detailed liveries
  • High quality sound set recorded from a real F-4
  • High quality external model using normal and specular maps
  • High quality internal model complete with custom 3D gauges
  • Includes external F-4J/S model (not carrier capable, no ILS)
  • High resolution paint kit available
  • Highly detailed product manuals included
  • New! TacPack integration available via separate purchased addon
System Requirements (Minimum):
  • Operating System:
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10
    • Use of this product in any other version of Windows is not supported at this time.
  • Processor:
    • 2.6 Ghz or higher
  • Memory:
    • 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:
    • DirectX®11 compliant video card
    • 1024 MB video RAM or higher
  • Hard Drive Space:
    • 2 GB available space
  • Supported Platforms:
    • FSX Acceleration
    • FSX:Steam Edition
    • Prepar3d Version 2 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
    • Prepar3d Version 3 (Latest release, with all hotfixes)
    • P3D v4
Use or installation of the products(s) referenced on this page in any other platform than that intended or shown above is not supported and may result in errors or a non-functioning product.

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