MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1

MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator

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  • MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1
  • MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1
  • MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1
  • MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1
  • MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1
  • MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator1


FSX Certified
The Fuel Burn Estimator is a simplified calculator for estimating the fuel burn to destination. Many factors affect the fuel burn (weight, altitude, true air speed, engine model, climb rate, descent rate, just to name a few) and this program simplifies the process by using the fuel burn rate for ground operations and the fuel burn rate for cruise flight. The fuel used to reach cruise is offset by the fuel saved on descent

The values entered for calculation are Fuel Burn Rate at Cruise, Fuel Burn Rate for Ground Operations, Fuel Capacity, Unusable Fuel, Number of engines, and Fuel Weight. These values can be stored for each aircraft type for different cruise altitudes and for same aircraft type with different engine models.

Once the values are saved for an aircraft type, you need only to enter the distance to destination (or time to destination), distance to alternate (or time to alternate), reserve time, holding time, ground time, and true air speed (this value can also be calculated based on cruise altitude and indicated air speed). You can designate a default aircraft so that when the program starts, its values are automatically loaded. In addition, an aircraft type is not needed to perform the calculations, just fill in the boxes and click the calculate button.

In the real world, the fuel burn rates are found in the aircraft manual; however, this information may or may not be provided with the flight simulator aircraft manuals or included in the knee board information for an aircraft. The HELP file of this program provides instructions on how to calculate the fuel burn rate for any aircraft in your simulator hangar.

The program also provides calculations for 'True Air Speed', 'Wind Speed Correction', 'Time to Destination', and conversion between Pounds, Gallons, Liters, and Kilograms.

The following aircrafts are included with the package:
  • Beech craft Baron 58
  • PMDG B737-700
  • Level-D B767-300ER
  • C172 Skyhawk
  • C182 Skylane
  • Gran Caravan C208B
  • Douglas DC3
  • Douglas DC6
  • Douglas DC7
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MrpSw - Fuel Burn Estimator
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