MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101

MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-10

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  • MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101
  • MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101
  • MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101
  • MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101
  • MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101
  • MrpSw - Navigation Challenge 3-101


FSX Certified
The Navigation Challenge 3-10 is a set of flight plans for both FS9 and FSX. There are 10 flights that crisscross the African country of Madagascar. Like its predecessors, NavChallenge 1-15 (Chile flights) and NavChallenge 2-10 (New Zealand flights), it challenges your flying skills by using radio navigation instead of a GPS to reach the waypoints. Each plan consists of multiple touch-and-go landings between departure and destination airports which keep you busy flying the aircraft, tuning radios, and flying the needles to hard to find runways, specially the grass ones.

The routes use VORs and NDBs radials for navigation. Each flight is described in detail with Departure, Enroute, and Approach procedures. Also includes a map showing the flight path and way points. If you follow the instructions you won't get lost and you won't hit the mountains

These flight plans where flown with Microsoft's FS9 and FSX standard Douglas DC-3 aircraft, MS scenery, and MS fair weather setting so that you can enjoy the scenery. You can fly these plans with any aircraft in your hangar and your choice of weather. If you use a scenery other than the MS standard, the airfields and navigation aids my not be located at the same coordinates or frequencies as the standard MS sceneries.

Flight times are estimated; however, if you are keeping logs for yourself or submittals to a virtual airline I recommend the Digital Flight Recorder by MrpSw, it will automatically keep track of times and fuel consumption. Very useful if you forget to start/stop and record times.

You can also use a GPS, FMC or equivalent to fly the route; however, the challenge is to fly the route manually and sharpen your navigation skills.

Have fun!
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