Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1

Multi Crew Ultimate Experience

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  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1
  • Multi Crew Ultimate Experience1


FSX Certified

Update March 21, 2018 - Includes Version
Latest MCE for FSX/Prepar3D/FS9 adds support for Quality Wings 787 and the TFDi B717!

We are pleased to introduce, Multi Crew Experience, an add-on to award winning Microsoft Flight Simulator software. It is designed for FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D.

By combining different technologies, we aim to add that little bit of excitement to the overall flight simulation experience.

Whether you are a flight simulator enthusiast, looking for more realism, a real pilot temporarily grounded due to economic downturn, or simply want to enjoy what the product has to offer, we believe you will find a purpose to this outstanding application.

At the core of the product, is the use of speech recognition technology along with speech synthesis.

This is a product that will give you the opportunity for a Multi Crew Experience. You will never fly those heavies alone again.

 You can talk not just to your co-pilot, but to native ATC and Radar Contact controllers as well. And we mean real ATC interaction, not keyboard keys associated with specific sentences. Unlike the poor implementation of our competitors, we do know what's on the ATC menu at any given time for both Native and RC4 ATC. We are the only ones who managed this feat.

Why our implementation is the best.
  • Works across a wide range of systems, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP, 32 or 64 Bit, English or foreign editions, for both Microsoft flight simulator, Lockheed Martin sim and Laminar Research X-Plane (X-Plane version sold separately)
  • It does what it claims
  • It's feature rich, and provides the ultimate Multi Crew Experience
  • You can talk not just to your co-pilot, but to native ATC, Radar Contact controllers, as well as Pro Flight Emulator ATC controllers
  • Supports all default FSX, Prepar3D, FS9 and X-Plane aircraft, as well as many third party aircraft add-ons. And the list is growing
  • It runs outside the simulator. There is no chance of spoiling a very long flight due to a bad voice command
  • No matter what edition of FSX, Prepar3D or FS9 you own, that is English or localized foreign version, you will be able to interact with the built-in FS ATC in English
  • We write as much code as we can, so that we don't have to blame third party plug-ins when things don't go as planned
  • You don't need a quad core machine to run it. It is very lean and mean with system resources
  • It's based on real talk, and you'll hardly need to read the manual to get started. Very high flexibility with regards the way you speak the various commands
  • It comes with a professionally designed installer that will get you up and running in minutes
  • One to one support via e-mail
  • MCE is fully multi-threaded. Sounds simple. But it's a hell of a job to create a reliable multi-threaded application. In practice, it allows you to change a command you have given on the fly, not to mention provide better responsiveness.
  • Has a fully working demo available for download

Q: What is Multi Crew Experience?

A: Multi Crew Experience is a new add-on to the award winning, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and Prepar3D and FS2004 software. It adds the missing elements, like crew coordination, interactive checklist reading, realistic ATC operation, call-outs and warnings against deviation from standards, as well as extras, like user interface voice control.

Q: Who may benefit from this application:

A: Anyone who wants to make the home flight simulation experience as real as it can get. Trainee pilots can use it as a tool, to practice multi crew interaction and ATC phraseology.

One of the bad aspects of home flight simulation, is that it makes you breed bad habits, like trying to fly a B747 on your own, or looking for keyboard key strokes to interact with ATC.

For non native English speakers, this constitutes a great practice tool. If you are seeking an international career, as an airline pilot, you must interact well with other crew members, in English. What better tool to boost your confidence!   

Supports 41 Complex Aircraft to date, including...
  • PMDG - 737 NGX, B747, MD-11, J41, 777, B-747 V3 QOTS II
  • FsLabs - A320 (Note: fully supported under FSX, and partially under P3D V3.2 or higher)
  • Captain Sim - 777, 767, 757, 707, CS 727, 737, L1011 Tristar
  • Feelthere - ERJ 145, ERJ 135, EMB 175, EMB 195, Legacy
  • Quality Wings - Bae 146, B757, B787
  • Aerosoft - Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (inc Pro Editions), DH6 Twin-Otter, CRJ 700-900
  • CoolSky - DC9, MD-80
  • Level-D - B767
  • iFly - B737, B747-400
  • Majestic - Dash Q400
  • Simcheck - A300 B4 (with simulated flight engineer)
  • Milviz - B737-200
  • Wilco - Evolution Vol 1
  • Leonardo - MD-82 (Maddog)
  • JustFlight - PSS 777, Bae146
  • Flysimware - Lear A35
  • TFDi - B717 (works in progress)
  • BBS - coming soon BBS A330
  • XtremePrototypes - Learjet 20 series
  • Razbam - Metroliner III
  • Lockheed - All Lockheed Martin Prepar3D default aircraft
  • Microsoft - All default FSX & FS9 aircraft
Hardware Requirements
If your computer can run the simulator, you will be able to run MCE. You will definitely need a Headset with noise cancelling microphone. It doesn't need to be of the expensive variety.
  • A decent sound card, even an onboard one
  • About 1.8 GB free space on hard drive for a complete installation that would include all voice packs
  • We suggest you try the demo version of the software available from the Multi Crew XP website.
Software Requirements
  • Flight Simulator
    • The simulator version can be English, or any non-English distribution
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS2004)
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X DVD Version (FSX)
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition (FSXSE)
    • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D)
    • X-Plane 10 support in a separate version, Available Here
  • Operating System
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
    • You can run MCE on any Windows 10 or Win 8 edition or language. Just make sure you run Windows Update, download and install the free English language pack
Because it is not humanely possible to test this application on every Windows variant available (when you include Greek, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, etc..), the software requirements as stated above are believed to be correct, but we may have omitted other platforms where this application will happily run. So, again, feel free to try out the demo version

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