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by Joseph Holmes  Date Added: Sunday 13 March, 2011
I would suggest downloading and installing the demo first. You can find the link in the review on the home page of Flightsim.com. It's a full application without limitations, which is a good thing. Moreover, there is a ton of information provided with the software such as dedicated manuals for different functions. I like this for sure.

I installed the program, which is quite easy...and then went through the speech recognition training. This takes some time so that the system can get more accurate. I suggest going through the training more than once...for better accuracy of course. It reminds me of Voice Buddy that I had some years ago but this program is definitely more immersible.

Now to the nuts and bolts of practicality. I used MCE with the PMDG 737-800. Unfortunately I used Microsoft Mike's robotic voice as the co-pilot, as I did not have a 3rd party voice set to use. At any rate, the co-pilot read off certain check list items, I responded appropriately, but the co-pilot would not respond to certain commands like "set auto brake to RTO" or "set auto brake to rejected take off". These 2 phrases seem to get mixed up within the program to other functions. Also, "Gear up" or "retract landing gear" gets no response from co-pilot. Well, you get the idea. Maybe I need to go through the speech recognition training at least 3 times. All in all, the co-pilot does a myriad of functions and responds to a myriad of commands. Watch out, though, the co-pilot will bug the heck out of you during the flight! All you have to say is, "Stop nagging me please"...no kidding! He apologizes and shuts up.

Moreover, if you use FS Passengers, be advised that MCE did cause a crash of FS9 while I tried to perform maintenance repairs on aircraft. That is the only bug I saw with FsP and MCE running together. All other menus within FsP had no issues or crashes. I am using Win XP 32 bit. I uninstalled MCE after 1 flight to see if the FsP company manager crashed at all and it didn't. So beware on this one.

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