Newport Scenery - Boise X1

Newport Scenery - Boise X

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  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1
  • Newport Scenery - Boise X1


FSX Certified

When most people think of Boise the first thing that
comes to their mind is usually, why Boise? Well, Boise, the capital of Idaho, is one of the most unique cities that seems to get
neglected by the majority of the flight simulation community. Boise has a very diverse landscape that makes it "Extreeme" and a
logical location for VFR flight. In the Northeast corner of the Boise area you will find beautiful mountainous terrain and the Boise river cutting through on its way to the pristine Lucky Peak Lake. The middle of Boise is filled with thousands of homes, stores, and
buildings, creating it a bustling city with a population of over 580,000. South of Boise is where a dry, arid terrain covers the horizon. In the western part of Boise there are hundreds of potato farms on top of eye catching crop circles. From the desert to the mountains, to the city and the farms, the diverse landscape is amazingly portrayed in Boise X creating an amazing flying experience.

Product Features:

-High resolution photo real satellite image underlay
-Over 50,000 custom placed autogen buildings and vegetation to match
the satellite texture underlay
-Custom GMAX created downtown Boise building models (replicas of the
real buildings)
-Custom Interstate 84 and Interstate 184 signs and lights that
illuminate at night
-Water masks that add photo real rivers and streams that are actual FSX water
-Blend masks that blend the default scenery with Boise X scenery so
that you see a smooth transition and not a straight line
-Because this scenery is made with the autogen annotator and low
polygon count buildings, low frame rates will not be a problem

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