PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1

PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu

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  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1
  • PacSim - Atolls of Tuvalu1


FSX Certified

Updated July 18th, 2017 - Now Supports Prepar3D v4

Atolls of Tuvalu was re-created in P3Dv4 for two fundamental reasons: to "capture" the history and current state of the atolls as we know it in our lifetime; and to replicate the splendor and essence of flying in the fourth smallest country in the world within P3Dv4.

The Tuvalu atolls have been a subject of international interests for quite a long time now, in fact since World War II. Apart from being used by American Forces (mainly Marines) during WWII as advance post for deterring Japanese attacks in the northern South Pacific in 1943, Tuvalu has been known in the scientific world as the most rapidly sinking country in the world. If the current sea-level rise prove accurate from various scientific experts, Tuvalu will be fully submerged within the next 50 years. Given that likely scenario, it is only appropriate that we digitize images and memories of the country through various mediums, including game genres such as our hobby (flight simulation) for future generations to see. In the interest of full disclosure, we may not accurately capture the entire country of Tuvalu in P3Dv4 but at least we can leave plenty to the imaginations with use of this product.

Although there are 9 atolls and islands forming the country Tuvalu, the software package - "Atolls of Tuvalu" - only covers the northern 7 atolls/islands.

  • 7 airports: Funafuti International (NGFU), Nukufetau (NGNA), Vaitupu (NGPF), Nui (NGFT), Nanumanga (NGMG), Niutao (NGTO), and Nanumea (NGME). The longest strip is at NGFU and is nearly 6,000ft long which can handle medium type aircraft such as B737, A320, etc, flying international routes. The shortest runway is over 2,700ft which caters for regional freight and tourism/sightseeing hops.
  • Combination of over 10 seaplane docks and heliports including helipads on cruiseliners and cargo ship. All helipads are lighted for night operations.
  • Combination of photoreal landclass/waterclass and vector polygons hand-drawn and customized to replicate white sandy beaches and vegetation texture.
  • Sequential wave crash effects (cascades) more pronounced at coral reef outlines replicating real world.
  • Customized vegetation typical of the region.
  • Modern and traditional buildings such as primitive grass and coconut thatched dwellings.
  • Multitude of objects and eye candies to discover.
  • Various animals (crows, parrots, gulls, eagles, whales, dolphins, etc) with animation, including distinct sounds of nature from birds to waves crashing ashore.
  • Night light effects on aprons, buildings and villages
  • Map/Chart for the region
  • Airstrip Facilities Directory
  • Friendly frame rates but recommend a decent medium to high-end system to run scenery at very high settings for an enjoyable experience.

Atolls of Tuvalu was developed on a high-end system but tested in low to medium-end system using both Win 10, WinXP, Vista and Win7 platforms with medium to high-end graphic cards. Specific requirements include:
  • P3Dv4

Frame rates from scenery complexity and autogen settings were averaged at 28fps or higher. This includes moving sliders 100% to the right. Lower settings yielded much higher frames, but our recommendation is Dense to Extreme Dense for exceptional rates.


No technical issues were encountered during various beta tests, whether hardware or software- related. Instructions for installation of software are straightforward; however, venturing outside bounds of recommended installation and use is at sole discretion of End-User.

We will not bear responsibility for issues resulting from installation of the product, in part or full, into former Flight Simulator platforms which includes FSX, FSX:SE, P3Dv3, FS9, etc because the product is not backward compatible. Furthermore, we will not be held responsible if files are altered within software for any reason associated with End-User taste or choice.

The product is Non-refundable for these and various other reasons.

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