PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1

PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D

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  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1
  • PacSim - Salt Lake City International for FSX & P3D1


FSX Certified
Prepaid 3D

This title provides 2 (2) 6GB files to download, one for FSX and P3D v3 and one for P3Dv4. You do not need to get both files. You can only get the one that matches you version of Flight Sim. You will need to extract all files from the zip download to your hard drive, then run the install from the hard drive. Because of the size, we strongly recommend the USB Backup Option, then you can simply run the install right from the USB drive.

Updated July 18th, 2017 Now Supports Prepar3D v4


Salt Lake City International Airport (IATA: SLC, ICAO: KSLC, FAA LID: SLC) is a civil-military airport about 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The airport is the closest commercial airport for more than 2.5 million people and is within a 30-minute drive of nearly 1.3 million jobs.

The airport is the fourth-largest hub for Delta Air Lines, as well as a hub for Delta Connection carrier SkyWest Airlines with nearly 300 daily departures, accounting for a 72.39% market share between October 2014 and September 2015. Following Delta and Delta Connection, the largest carriers are Southwest Airlines (11.11% market share), American Airlines (3.43%), and Alaska Airlines (2.56%).

In 2015, 22,141,610 passengers flew through Salt Lake City, representing a 5% increase from 2014. The airport is the twenty-first busiest airport in the United States by passenger count. There were 324,955 aircraft operations (takeoffs and landings) in 2014, about 900 per day. The airport is the fifteenth busiest airport in the United States and twenty-fourth in the world by operations.

As of April 2013 there were over 645 scheduled nonstop airline departures and arrivals per day to 89 cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Salt Lake City International Airport continues to rank high for on-time departures/arrivals and fewest flight cancellations among major US airports. The airport ranked first for on time departures and arrivals and second for percentage of cancellations as of September 2014. (Source: The airport is currently going through major renovation to various concourses, parking areas, etc of the airport and is expected to be completed by 2020.


The Salt Lake City International product, in its current iteration, is a snapshot of its real-world counterpart taking into account various initial phases of real-world renovation. Although the product, to our best effort, is a realistic representation of the current airport, it is still a work in progress. This means that the product will be continuously updated when there are new major changes to the real- world version.

The product also include Salt Lake City and the entire Wasatch valley suburbs beginning at Kaysville in the north to Lehi in the south.

  • Accurate terminals 1 and 2, concourses, hangars and airport layout;
  • Salt City and suburbs;
  • HD custom runway and apron/tarmac textures;
  • Custom vegetation, buildings;
  • 3D grass throughout airport;
  • Free high resolution (7cm-30cm pixel) photo real textures covering the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains and Salt Lake valley;
  • Color-corrected ground and water textures to reflect real-world land and water colors;
  • Accurate hand-placed autogen that conforms with city, town, district, and farm grids;
  • Major landmarks and high-rise buildings;
  • Custom night light effects and street lighting throughout the airport and surrounding areas;
  • Rotating beacons and receiver towers;
  • Static local ground service equipment, cars and planes;
  • AI ground vehicle conforms with real-world road grid;
  • Fully optimized for steady/smooth simulation experience. All autogen can be set to the 100% with very little impact on FPS; ? Custom Configuration Panel to manage VAS and FPS resources;
  • ....and more.

The Salt Lake City International product was developed on a High-end system for medium to high-end computers, and was tested on Win 10 64 bit platforms with medium to high-end graphic cards.

Recommended System

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-4790 or above highly recommended MEMORY: 16Gb Memory recommended VIDEO Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, GDDR5 or higher recommended STORAGE USE: 500Gb SSD (digital drive) minimum, 500Gb HDD (mechanical drive) minimum.

This product is meant for Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D ONLY, specifically P3Dv4 (64-bit). IT IS NOT MEANT FOR FSX, P3DV1, P3DV2, P3DV3, FSX STEAM, or FS9.

Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader 6 minimal to read and print product manual.


Installing and activating the KSLC product is straight forward. However, there are 4 parts to download altogether first due to the large file size.
  • PAC_SALTLAKECITY_P3DV4.exe (the application or EXE file).
  • PAC_SALTLAKECITY_P3DV4-1.bin (Binary file)
  • PAC_SALTLAKECITY_P3DV4-2.bin (Binary file)
  • PAC_SALTLAKECITY_P3DV4-3.bin (Binary file)
Once all files are downloaded, simply run the Salt Lake City Int (.EXE) installer and it will locate your P3Dv4 location and ask for the product Key to activate product. Once installation process completes, the product should be fully functional within your sim platform. No need to manually activate the product in-sim.

The KSLC product documentation should be located in the following folder: (your P3Dv4)PacSimSalt Lake City Intdata

Before using the product, there is one last thing to install which is an essential integral part of the KSLC product. You need to install and activate the SODE program. Read on below.

KSLC SODE Jetway System and SODE 64-bit vs 1.5.3.

The KSLC product comes with SODE supported semi-animated and fully animated jetway system. For the jetways to operate properly, it is essential to download the latest SODE program here:

After downloading, run the application to install the latest SODE 1.5.3 in your system. The program should be Registered using the SODE Platform Manager for your P3Dv4 sim platform. See User Guide here: The SODE User Guide is also located in the Documents folder here: (your P3Dv4)PacSimSalt Lake City Intdata


Frame rates from scenery complexity and autogen settings were averaged at 30fps. This includes moving sliders 100% to the right. Lower settings yielded much higher frames, but our recommendation is Dense to Extreme Dense for exceptional rates. Since the scenery is 15/30cm/pixel photoreal, it is highly recommended that Mesh Resolution be set at 1 meter within FSX Display Settings (slider 100% to the right). Texture Resolution should also be set at 30cm and above (or slider 100% to the right).

Recommended AI Traffic settings: AI road traffic should be set at below 25%. AI aircraft settings should be between 30 and 70%. Above 70% would be unrealistic immersion experience and may lead to VAS resource decline and low FPS.

KSLC Scenery Configurator Tool

KSLC comes with its own Scenery Configuration Tool and it is highly recommended to use it to manage/improve FPS if you have a medium system. The tool has the ability to change Winter vegetation (3D grass and trees) also.

The Configuration Tool is located at (your P3Dv4)PacSimSalt Lake City Intdata folder.


Similar to any Flight Simulator (FS) Addons, this product may have issues that are either default (Prepar3D) or developer-related. Issues that are P3Dv4-related, whether documented or undocumented are many, but we can only speak for our product. Although there are no micro-stutters or huge lag in fps as tested, it is advisable to lower the Water Effects within sim Display Settings to High 2x. and set Autogen down to respectable levels for fluidity. These are recommended for lower to medium-end systems, however the scenery is meant for sliders maxed at 100% peak for those computers who can afford the high level scenery design.

No technical issues were encountered during various beta tests, whether hardware or software- related. Instructions for installation of software are straightforward; however, venturing outside bounds of recommended installation and use is at sole discretion of EndUser. We will not bear responsibility for issues resulting from installation of the product, in part or full, into former or earlier Flight Simulator platforms/iterations such as FSX, P3Dv3, FSX:SE, etc because the product is not backward compatible. Furthermore, we will not be held responsible if files are altered within software for any reason associated with End-User taste or choice.

Any of our products sold online through our store ( or via third party sites are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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