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PAOB - Fokker 50

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  • PAOB - Fokker 501
  • PAOB - Fokker 501
  • PAOB - Fokker 501
  • PAOB - Fokker 501
  • PAOB - Fokker 501

Fokker 50 is a medium large size aircraft found in many counties of the world! The aircraft structure is based on 40 years of experience with Fokker 27 Friendship. It's success surpassed belief and this has resulted in an economic repair life of 90,000 landings.

PAOB wanted to create an aircraft that it will make your sim flight experience even more challenging and realistic.

PAOB Fokker 50 provides a high level of detail, plus detailed Operation Manuals and realistic procedures like Check Lists.

Detailed does not mean complex The Flight deck Fokker 50 features a 'dark cockpit' philosophy It is easy to fly and all contribute to reduced pilot workload. The panel is quite user friendly, so you do not need to spend a month on reading huge manuals.

Our manual is a 40 page pdf file and the an additional 20 page "Speed & Performance" Excel table. You can concentrate on the realistic "Check Lists" procedures which are built in panels by integrated file system with voice.

PAOB's products feature "Art of Machine" philosophy so we are not only especially great on precise Modeling, but also strong in Flight Dynamics. We try our best to input the real data on flight dynamic files, then being the intensive flight dynamic test.

The Panel Project Development is in cooperation with a talented gauge programmer and panel designer. Our virtual cockpit panel simulation was upgraded to a new level!

Fokker 50 Feature

Realistic flight model and animated parts are accurate configuration:
  • Detail 3D Virtual Cockpit & Virtual Cabin
  • Main, Overhead, Pedestal panels are almost fully functions
  • Flexible-wing effect
  • High detail on external model
  • High resolution graphics for livery & panel
  • 5 airlines livery: KLM, VLM, SonAir, MASwing and VLM-Aanvalluh
  • More liveries will be coming soon
  • Accurate animate on flaps, rudder, aileron, elevator
  • Detail Propeller, gear compressed,
  • Wing root section and wing profile
  • Wing Root Airfoil, NACA 64-421
  • Wing Tip Airfoil, NACA 64-415
  • Steerable front gear and retractable gears
  • Highly detailed gear and accurate moving parts
  • Animated passenger door & gear door
  • Reflective shinely & light-map texture
  • Metallic object is really reflect with environment
  • Reflective glass is really transparent and reflective
  • Detailed windows are really cut on the cockpit and cabin
  • Over FS standard's cockpit 2D panel
  • Authentic sound effect created for real Fokker 50
Fokker 50 Panel Design

Air Conditioning, Anti-Ice, Auto-Flight, APU, Communications, Check Lists, Electrical, Fire Protection, Flight Instruments, Fuel, Hydraulics, Landing Gear, Navigation, Power Plant, Pressurization, Night lighting, Sound effect.

The CAP "Central Annunciator Panel" is a integrated alerting system which we have been simulated the failures and warnings as follows:

LEVEL 3 ALERTS, LEVEL 2 ALERTS, LEVEL 1 ALERTS, Warning inhibit modes, Warning system tests, Other failure lights.

Air Conditioning
  • Cockpit and cabin temperature control
  • Engine, airframe, probes and window anti-ice systems
  • Flight Mode Panel
  • Automatic vertical and lateral guidance
  • FS GPS integrated with FMP
  • Auxiliary Power Unit for electrical and pneumatic needs on the ground
  • Two VHF COMM radios
  • Two Mode C Transponder
Check Lists
  • Integrated file system with voice
  • Simulated AC and DC systems
  • Digital displays to monitor state of AC and DC system
  • Multiple power sources: engine, APU or ground powe
r Fire Protection
  • Full fire detection system with engine shut-off valves
  • Overhead panel fire handles
Flight Instruments
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Enhanced ADI (EADI)
  • Navigation Display (ND) or Enhanced HSI (EHSI)
  • Airspeed/Mach Indicator with speed bugs
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Radio Navigation Indicator (RMI)
  • Standby horizon
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
  • Clock
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
  • Fuel Control Levers
  • Booster pump switches
  • Fuel Temperature Indicator
  • Fuel Flow Indicator
  • Fuel Quantity Indicator
  • Fuel Level Warning
  • Hydraulic Panel with pressure and quantity indicator
  • Engine pumps and electric pumps
Landing Gear
  • Seven landing gear status indicators
  • Landing gear lever
  • In transition light
  • Alternate gear extension lever
  • Radio Distance Magnetic Indicator (RDMI)
  • Navigation Display (ND) or Enhanced HSI (EHSI)
  • Two VHF NAV radios
  • Two ADF units
  • FS GPS integrated with auto-flight system
Power Plant
  • Propeller Speed indicator
  • Two Engine RPM indicators:
  • Nh: High-pressure spool-speed indicator
  • Nl: Low-pressure spool-speed indicator
  • Inter-Turbine Temperature (ITT)
  • Torque indicators
  • Oil Temperature indicators
  • Oil Pressure indicators
  • Engine Rating Panel
  • Auto-Feather indicator
  • Power Control Handles
  • Fuel Shut-off Levers
  • Cabin altitude, cabin climb and differential pressure indicator
  • Barometric Pressure/Landing Altitude indicator
  • Manual and automatic control
Night lighting
  • Instrument lights
  • Instrument panel backlights
  • Cockpit flood light
Sound effect
  • Check List
  • Warning & Caution
  • V-speed call out & DH
  • Flaps, Gears, GPWS
  • Buttons & Switchers
  • APU & Air Conditioner
  • Engine power startup rating callout
The CAP simulates these failures and warnings:

  • Left engine out
  • Right engine out
  • Takeoff configuration not set
  • Left engine fire
  • Right engine fire
  • Left engine ITT high
  • Right engine ITT high
  • Left engine oil pressure high
  • Right engine oil pressure high
  • Landing gear not out
  • Cabin altitude max pressure exceeded
  • Doors open when parking brake not set
  • Flaps asymmetric
  • Left engine torque high
  • Right engine torque high
  • Pitot heads off
  • Hydraulic system fail
  • Pax door open
  • Aft door open
  • Forward cargo door open
  • Fuel level imbalance
  • Tank pressure low
  • Beacon lights not on
  • Cabin emergency lights not on
Warning inhibit modes:
  • Engine out inhibit
  • Takeoff inhibit
Warning system tests:
  • CAP power off selftest
  • Alert system test
  • Fire system test
  • Smoke detection system test
  • Takeoff configuration test
Other failure lights:
  • Master Warning light
  • Master Caution light
  • Left fuel control engine out light
  • Right fuel control engine out light
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