PFSN - U.S. Navaid Update X 20121

PFSN - U.S. Navaid Update X 2012

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  • PFSN - U.S. Navaid Update X 20121
  • PFSN - U.S. Navaid Update X 20121
  • PFSN - U.S. Navaid Update X 20121
  • PFSN - U.S. Navaid Update X 20121


FSX Certified
If you have used current aeronautical en-route charts for flight simulator, you know that sometimes VOR's and NDB's in the default database are not aligned to the correct magnetic heading used in the charts, or sometimes they have moved completely. Furthermore, while there are many excellent FMS and GPS addons for FS, few if any provide data for the VOR and ADF indicators. This update solves that problem by replacing the default files with the most current data at the time of production. All VOR, VOR/DME, VORTAC, DME, TACAN, and NDB stations are included. Tested for FSX

This update was intended to be used for aircraft that use the default database for the VOR and ADF indicators. Third party add-ons that use their own database for the VOR indicator (Not the FMS) won't be able to use this update.
This update may affect the functioning of the flight planner in that the options to generate flight plans by airways may not work. In this case, just chose VOR to VOR.
Portions of countries other than the U.S.A. are covered by the database, however the information may not be the latest information available.
Database AIRAC cycle 1113

Requires FSX
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