Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1

Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire

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  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1
  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1
  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1
  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1
  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1
  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1
  • Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire1

Our third release for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the celebrated Supermarine Spitfire, in the ultimate Merlin engined version of the aircraft, the LF.16. With the sleek teardrop shaped canopy and clipped wings, this version of the Spitfire represents a radical departure from the classic Mk.I.

Created from the original Supermarine factory drawings, and with input from several well known Spitfire restorers and experts, this aircraft has an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy, both externally and in the virtual cockpit. All virtual cockpit gauges have been created in full 3d, making them incredibly smooth and with accurate custom high resolution textures, and authentic luminous lighting effects, they are some of the best WW2 era British gauges yet seen in Flight Simulator.

The aircraft includes an authentic flight model, including a fully simulated two stage supercharger system, real world starting sequence and an accurate flap deployment and retraction sequence. The performance envelope accurately represents the capabilities of a Spitfire, and has verified by qualified real world test pilots who have a combined total of over 300 hours on Spitfires.
  • Fully detailed brand new external model and VC, developed using the factory blueprints
  • Authentic Rolls Royce Merlin Sound Set
  • Custom effects including wingtip vortices and VC lighting
  • Highly detailed yet efficient 3d models
  • Accurate flight model developed by Jerry Beckwith, verified by real world Spitfire pilots
  • Nearly 200 custom animations - all switches and levers in the cockpit move, and where possible their function has been modelled
  • Smooth 3d gauges, accurately modelled P8 compass
  • Accurately modelled pneumatic system
  • Custom modelled accurate Merlin engine startup sequence
  • Droppable drop tanks and bombs (including weight changes)
  • Removable bomb racks
  • Clipped and Elliptical wingtip variations
  • Authentic RAF paint schemes, plus warbird schemes
  • Belgian, French, South African, Greek and pseudo-Luftwaffe schemes (the SAAF aircraft has the correct supercharger gear shift altitude for a Mk.IX)
  • Total of ten different paint schemes with incredible detail
  • Authentic starter trolley and wheel chocks available when the aircraft is on the ground
  • Detailed manual giving a brief history of the aircraft, and full operating procedures
  • Working Gyroscopic Gun Sight
  • Optional IFR instrumentation, with modern radios, ILS system and ADF receiver
  • Full manual including aircraft operating procedures and history of the Spitfire

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Plane Design - Supermarine Spitfire
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