RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1

RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter

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  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1
  • RDJ Sim - Aerial Forest Fire Fighter1


FSX Certified


Climb aboard for a ride on the fiery side as you take on the job of an aerial forestfighter. Aerial firefighter pilots and ground crew teams put their lives on the line every year around the World. In these missions we are going to honor them. These missions will take you from Waldo canyon Arizona to the Outback of Canberra Australia fire blazes to British Columbia Canada as a special fire fighting forces team called the (Firebusters) Who ya gonna call? The Firebusters! Participate as a Firebuster in over 20 + FSX missions created here. Grab your cup of coffee and get your orders as each mission gets loaded. You are going to be doing everything involved in a forestfire scenario. You will be dropping retardants and water that hits the fires to contain them using the droppable objects feature. There are smokejumpers and even rescue harnesses for roof top victims. You will drop in as a special forces halo smokejumper..face the elements and dodge moving fires and wild grizzly bears on foot. Or drive a fire dozer plow under desperate orders to make firebreaks to save an airport. Plus plenty of (Special) designed missions for users to implement your own favorite aircraft or helicopters into the missions to test out your aerial firefighting skills over large areas of Grand Canyon national park or Eureka California forest with and without various crash detections and without audio interuptions. So in these missions you can go out and do your stuff and take some screenshots of your favorite aircraft. There are also lots of R&R scenery including the Grand canyon skywalk,Grand canyon terminal,the Interagency fire center at west Yellowstone airport, a tour of Yellowstone Inn and old faithfull geyser to a special blues band concert on top of devils tower Wyoming in honor of forest fighters everywhere.

Some of the missions include

"Waldo canyon has fires today and are a threat to the suburb housing. You as a DC3 fire retardant pilot are called in to help out along with Air force tanker retardant droppers. The fires are on the move fast and there is not much time. You must get good hits to complete this mission and only one chance at the reload"

"Near Devils tower Wyoming you are on approach with retardant to assist in putting out a derailed train wreck fire near a small desert town. The people there are depending on you. There is only one flight shot at getting 2 hits on the derailed train cars. The fire is hotter than normal so it requires a higher drop than a normal forest fire. One small mistake and you will be the (Toast of the town)"

"Huey fire fighting training with (CT) (Crash detection) or other dangers (ON) in the area of Eureka California. (Swap lesson 2)-- You can permanantly swap out this game helicopter with your favorite by these directions Find your favorite helicopters location in one of the (SimObjects) folders in FSX main directory. Open its CFG with notepad Copy its (Title XXXX) name.. Next open the missions folder and find (RDJ_FF_FSX_FIREFIGHTER) and open and find this mission. Open the (RDJ_FF EUREKA FIRE FOR ALL HUEY(CT ON).flt) with notepad..Click (Edit Find) and type in (Sim.0) and search. It will bring you to Sim.0 (Sim RDJ_FF_HUEY). Paste over your fav helicopters Title over (RDJ_FF_HUEY) It will now read (Sim XXXX) -Where XXXX is your favorite helos name..Exit and save..This particular mission will now load every time with your fav aircraft..See the (NO-CT) flight for temp swap info. Other aircrafts flight dynamics may not be supported"

"TRAINING MISSION 5 fires to practice on with a DC-3..(CT ON) Crash detection is ON outside the airport area plus other dangers such as extreme high winds around the Grand canyon national park. This is a good mission to test out your own favorite aircraft as there are no mission aircraft changes. See the info on how to use your own aircraft"

"You drop in as a static line smoke jumper at 108 mile ranch British Columbia. enjoy the float down but it is buisiness on the ground after you hit. You take over a firebreak plow dozer and must lay firelines in front of 6 different approaching fires.. The 1st 3 are easy but terrain difficulties on the last 3 will make your head spin as you try to save an British Columbia airport from a fire disaster "

"Today the firebusters team goes overseas to help our friends in Austraila. 5 bad fires are appraoching Canberra suburbs. These fires are tougher than the ones in the USA.. They all must be hit 3 times to contain them,, Sucsess means Outback steaks and all the beer you can handle"

"Those fires never give up! In this mission you will be dropped by high altitude plane as a sky smoke jumper over Mt. Rushmore. Fires are approaching. A sucsessfull landing at the base of Mt. Rushmore and you will auto set up a new beacon device to aid all other firefighters. It is not over then. You must make it back on foot directly through the fires dodgeing them as you go to a waiting Huey. You then fly to the smokejumpers DZ to set up a yellow smoke for them.. Can you handle it ? Yes you can as you are a special forces smokejumper! watch out for wild grizzly bears when on foot! Good luck"

"The Yellow stone Inn is in danger of being overrun by several fast moving forest fires.. Your Job is to first drop in 4 -2 man teams of smoke jumpers into a yellow smoke marked drop zone first. You will then be directed to a makeshift floating runway barge to load up with red fire retardant. You will then be challenged with attacking the fire with the retardant so the ground teams can get control..Part of the flight is a good ways. You may wish to use (Times 2 sim speed) to get in range of yellowstone DZ. Good luck!"

"Jam out with the BLUZELATOR BAND on top of Devils Tower Wyoming in celebration of forest fighters everywhere. Hang around or take flight in the FSX default ultralight.. This freeflight mission is also available for up to 10 slot flyers in Multiplayer for live friends party"

"Horrible dry and wind and bad visibility conditions has set up to 10 fires from lightning around Grand canyon..You have 2 hours to find them and contain them. They are located on both sides of the canyon. Good luck. Remember,you can change out to your favorite firefighting aircraft on this mission and still use the dropping retardants. Read the INSTALL- READ FIRST or the (CT ON) (NO CT) mission descriptions to see how to do it. However game play dynamics are up to the aircraft you use "

"This is a clip out of the Huey fire rescue mission. It only contains the water bucket loading part (Bambi bucket) and puts you on approach to a lake with a power line overhead. Here you can practice a hover water pickup. All crash detect is ON. Get to low or hit the wires and you will crash. Use all your FSX views in a controlled hover to sink the Bambi bucket for 5 seconds for it to load"

System requirements

FSX and Acceleration expansion pack must be installed for the missions to work or appear. Suggest having a high end PC with at least 2 gigs of ram for best framerates as there are plenty of fire effects involved but we tweaked to best of ability for great looking forest fires and smoke with reasonable framerates.

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