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  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461
  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461
  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461
  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461
  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461
  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461
  • RDJ Sim - FSX MISSION CH 461


FSX Certified

The CH 46 sea knight helicopter widely used by US Marines goes into action in this vast add-on for Microsoft flight simulator X.
This package includes the original (but updated) USS BELLEAU WOOD helicopter aircraft carrier pack released at the beginning of FSX by Alphasim.

A new CH 46 DX 10 ready helicopter with virtual cockpit is included not only in the new missions but updated to all of the scenery free flights. Plus get info on how you can change the helicopter out to your favorite helicopter either upon mission load or how to permanently replace it.

The missions take you to several combat scenarios where you deliver everything from troops to MRE's all while making your way through enemy fire. Spec ops are included such as (SPIE RIG) Special insertion extraction rig to pick up and drop off recon marines. There are lots of flying with AI helicopters and also free flights at the forward base outpost and of course moving carrier mission free flight.

Some of the missions:
Description="Army rangers are in need of assistance from a massive firefight with the enemy. The enemy are bravely protecting a scud missile site. The Marines are called in in mass to quell the situation. You will fly with them to deliver your troops"

Description="SPIE RIG MISSION. (Special insertion extraction rig) You will fly to designated area to pick up 4 recon Marines by SPIE RIG rope off an enemy building and deliver them back to the carrier."

Description="SUPPLY MISSION out of Forward base Delaram Afghanistan. You will deliver a para cargo package to 2 combat locations"

Description="Paratroop recon mission. You will deliver a recon team to an enemy airport and drop them by parachute. If successful they will mark an airstrike and you will pick them up by special insertion extraction rig (SPIE RIG)

Description="Carrier operations Persian gulf (Free flight)."

Night vision version missions are also included for combat realism

FREE FLIGHTS - many locations
Australia, Bermuda, English channel, Persian Gulf, San Diego, Wake Island (Day of the waterspouts) Remember that? and many more are included including the Okinawa based ship that had the very first usable animated deck lifts for fsx. Ride your helo downward and then into the ships hanger and hang around. Also the Ft Story Virginia location (Home of amphibian Marine recon training) Watch the hover craft do their thing.. All of these work with all versions of FSX.

The original FS9 version is also included with an installer if you have Flight simulator 9.

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