SEA - Arduous Missions1

SEA - Arduous Missions

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  • SEA - Arduous Missions1
  • SEA - Arduous Missions1
  • SEA - Arduous Missions1
  • SEA - Arduous Missions1
  • SEA - Arduous Missions1
  • SEA - Arduous Missions1
  • SEA - Arduous Missions1

When we wrote Arduous we aren't joking, we mean that you'll really risk your (virtual) life flying missions! If you make something wrong during crucial moments you'll crash down with your aircraft! Only your pilot skills let you to accomplish mission because in any flight some unexpected events happen and you must react in the right way to end it safe and sound. Adventures bring you in a new dimension, never experimented, and they will be able to amaze you! The purpose of Arduous Missions is to mean the ludic aspect of the flight simulation. Flying these missions you can risk to be shot down by missile, machine gun or... others things (?!)

Sceneries, voices, sounds and special effects gives high level of realism on your mission flights.

For any flight you can choose between two versions: the first one without copilot help, where you manage instruments set, and the CP version where copilot takes over letting you to pilot the aircraft (during crucial moments is hard to do more things at the same time). When Flight needs Flight Plan you'll find it already loaded on the GPS. Anyway, you'll be always helped by voice a nd/or text messages.

The collection consisting of 6 missions:

An Unforgettable Flight

Paris to London is a routine flight. Every day Boeing 737 takeoff from Orly direct to Heathrow but this time the flight will became unforgettable discovery why by yourself!

Bermuda's Triangle

Everybody now that flying in Bermuda's triangle zone is extremely dangerous. Do you want to accept the challenge? But remember: we told you!!

Medical Emergency

A patient needs an organ for transplant, we have to transport organ's container in time to save his life. Time for flight is enough, but you now, these are arduous missions'

Missing! Phase 1

An aircraft crashed down on Andes Cordillera. Ten day passed but research operation did not give result. We'll takeoff to search missing aircraft using the special equipment SARE (Search And Rescue Equipment) which let us to search in a well definite zone...

Missing! Phase 2

Did you find missing aircraft in Phase 1? Well now is time to takeoff to rescue survivors...

Plan Colombia

According with Plan Colombia (American Government helps the Columbia's Government against Narco Connection) we'll fly to spray the herbicide glyphosate on coca crops to destroy it. Our agent Cobra is waiting to transmit the position of plantation

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