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Who should be interested in CheckList Manager? Do you feel overwhelmed by the many procedures required to manage complex add-on aircrafts? Are you a pilot that flies on-line but you get confused when ATC is calling you just as you are reading your paper checklist, observing the approach chart and piloting a bird of 50 tons that, in real life, requires a minimum of two qualified pilots to operate? Your wife/husband or your girl/boy-friend do not intend to help you doing the first officer duties of reading aircraft's checklists for you? Are you fed up to start-up default Flight Simulator aircrafts with Ctrl+E keys combination and you would to have a professional approach even with this kind of aircrafts using relative checklists?


All this questions have just one answer: CheckList Manager!


How does CheckList Manager work? From the Cold & Dark situation at the departure airport until shutdown of engines at the arrival airport, row after row, CLM will show the specific checklist at the right time. The power of CLM is the simplicity, in fact, no invasive gauge (frame rates will not decrease and your field of view will not be obscured or reset) but a transparent window that you can move (drag & drop) and scale as you wish.


The most important issue is that you do not have to move your eyes out of the cockpit to read a checklist , thus keeping your concentration on piloting your aircraft. To scroll checklists you just press a key combination on your keyboard or on an assigned button of your yoke or joystick (in the included instructions you'll find this explained).


CLM automates some checklists and presents this to you in a manner that will not disturb your concentration while performing complicated flight operations (like takeoff, landing roll, etcetera).


Any checklist is made for any specific aircraft. Any checklist that you find in CheckList Manager is suitable for any add-on. It is the result of a fusion of specific checklist and relative Manual/Tutorial. You will just have to know the names of the instruments and their location, in the aircraft you wish to fly, then start your flight and Checklist Manager will lead you in any phase of your flight.


Supported Aircraft

  • PMDG 747-400
  • Level-D 767-300ER
  • Flight1 Atr 72-500
  • Wilco Airbus 318/319/320/321 V1
  • 737 PIC Feelthere/Wilco
  • MADDOG 2006
  • ERJ 145 PIC
  • Eaglesoft Citation X
  • Wilco Airbus 330/340 V2
  • Wilco Airbus 380 V2

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