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by Josh Patterson  Date Added: Thursday 05 October, 2017
Glad to see these guys join the FS Pilotshop ranks! I have bought the F-104G and S form them independently on their website. (Also the F-84F.) All are fantastic study type sims that do not allow CTRL-E starts. (Although if you try you'll be bombarded with a clip of Inner Circle's "Bad Boys! Hilarious!) They also have a Harrier and Tornado which I have not purchased yet and a FIAT G.91 on the front burner which I am eagerly waiting for!!! Don't know why those haven't made it here yet, but maybe soon. Hopefully ordering from here will allow instant activation of their product which was a little difficult the first time I did it. You emailed them a file in your folder and they emailed you a file to eliminate a trial time limit. This could take up to 24 hours. This was really the only problem (other than learning how to properly fly the Starfighter) in an otherwise stellar product. Oh, The Starfighter sounds are direct from the Italian air force birds and are very familiar to anyone who's ever heard one! (Setting one up with the proper power to get the engine howling on a flypast sounds great!)

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Sim Skunk Works - Lockheed FRF-104G for FSX
Glad to see these guys join the FS Pilotshop ranks! I have b ..
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