SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 \"Emil\" 71

SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 7

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  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71
  • SimBattlebirds - Bf 109 "Emil" 71

Ever wonder what it would be like to fly a WWII airplane? This is your chance with The SimBattleBirds Bf109E-7. Fly anywhere in a 500 mile radius with the ease of fuel injection. Adjust your prop pitch and throttle with the levers on your left hand. Watch your pedals move as you move the rudder from side to side. Check out the high detail on the exterior of this FSX or FS9 model and see what you would be wearing were you a German Pilot from WWII. There are two versions so you can fly in the desert as a pilot of the Luftwaffe JG27 or come back home to Europe and fly the same lines in the sky as the JG26 in Sicily. All the really unusual characteristics of the Bf109E-7 are present in this model. Like the chrome accent on the inner hub of the wheels and the power of the DB601N engine in the light and agile Bf109E frame. Enjoy the nail biting experience of landing an aircraft with a short wheel base and touchy brakes. Let your "Midas Touch" settle the aircraft to the ground and taxi. All the trials and tribulations of the actual aircraft are here for you to enjoy. Climb into the air at rates that leave other single engine aircraft searching the sky for your exhaust trails. There are many fine details to view in this 3D representation of one of the finest WWII aircraft on record. The cockpit is all made of parts. No textured accents and edges. They are built in and show their facets in the noon day sun. Experience all the quirks programmed into the flight model. Like the tendency of your control surfaces to get sluggish in a dive. Or witness the lateral acceleration of the 109 that causes blackouts and redouts. This model can simulate all the hair raising adventures of the pilots of the Luftwaffe in WWII save the guns. You wont have to wonder any more what it was like for a pilot to snap the aircraft upside down and and pull over into a dive. This simulated aircraft does all this and more. Watch out for the flat spin though. If you are too close to the ground yer worm food. If you are tired of milling around in a Cessna. Or flying cargo hops in your DC3, step into a high performance Bf109 from SimBattleBirds. This aircraft is fun even if you just want to set the auto pilot and fly to your favorite vacation destination. The interior has all the amenities. A form fitting seat that is laid back for G pulling comfort. And there is even an oxygen canister in case you get light headed at 19,000 feet. Don't bring a sandwhich, there isn't enough room because you are shoe horned into a space that is tight even for a 170 lb man. See both versions on the FS2004 and FSX vintage Pages. Any improvements made in the future will be free to those who purchase this amazing 3D replica of the Bf 109E-7.

  • JG27(Served in Libya and Gazalla)
  • JG26(Served in Sicily)
  • 2D Instrumentation has modern navigation gear:
  • The full Historically accurate gaugeworks of the Bf109 except:
  • Uses the Maule HSI for gyro compass in FSX
  • Uses the Cessna HSI for FS9
  • The Bendix Kingair Radio Stack (window)
  • FS9 GPS500 (window)
  • Engine Controls (window)
  • NAV/GPS Switch
  • Lighting Switches
  • Full list of Sim Icons
3D Instrumentation has all the above gauges and the radiao stack is incorporated into the 3d panel

High level of detail and historical accuracy used to create the simulation:
  • Exterior model has many accents others miss:
    • Chrome on the inner hub of the wheels
    • Working gauges on the exterior cockpit in (FS9 only)
    • Historically accurate and detailed pilot figure
    • Vibrant and accurate decals
    • Fully animated controls (see interior model)
Interior model has the full range of animated controls:
  • Throttle
  • Prop Pitch
  • Parking Brake
  • Rudder Pedals
  • Stick
  • Canopy
  • Trim Wheel (FSX only)
The flight characteristics were programmed to emulate declassified specifications:
  • ( British Scientific Research Ministry:[Captured Bf109] Memoranda No. 2361 September 1940)
  • Top Speed =355 m.p.h. at 16,400 ft
  • Weight =5,600 lb
  • Range =460 miles
  • Initial climb rate=4000 fpm with MW-50 injection/3500 no MW-50
  • Stall Speed =61 mph full flaps gear down
  • Turn Radius slightly longer than the Hawker Hurricane
  • Heavy controls above 370 mph
Effects are added to give the "feel" of flying a 1940's era aircraft in a modern world simulator
  • Added landing lights
  • strobe lights
  • navigation lights
  • Navigation aids are added into the cockpit
  • OMI lights
  • Horizontal situation indicator in place of gyro compass
  • Modern navigational radios
  • GPS
  • Sim Icons
During testing the aircraft exhibited high frame rates.
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