SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81

SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-8

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  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81
  • SimBattleBirds - FW 190A-81

The SimBattleBirds Focke Wulf FW 190A-8 for FSX and FS2004

The FW 190 was arguably the best fighter design of World War II. It was ahead of it's time in top speed, climb rate and payload. By far, the Focke Wulf excelled above every aircraft of 1942 in the A-8 version. With most of the overheating issues solved and a healthier powerplant, this airframe's capabilities were maximized. In some versions the A-8 carried 7 guns and 4 bombs also a 300 Litre drop tank. The six gun version in this sim was the standard jagdbomber. If you have ever flown a sport aircraft in simulation or real life this aircraft is no slouch. In prop driven airplanes you will struggle to find a more agressive bird. Blackout turns and red out negative G dives are standard fare for the pilot of this simulation. Every detail has been meticulously copied into the flight, look, and feel of this computer generated aircraft. Notice the 3 dimensional parts in place of the textured panels, and the modern conveniences built into the virtual cockpit. These details make it possible to fly this aircraft without ever having to open a single window.

This package includes the Focke Wulf 190A-8 in two distinct versions:
  • Brown on Brown JG 51 Red #5
  • Orange on Black JG 54 White #4
  • 2-13.7mm Cowl Guns
  • 4-20mm cannons in the wings
Exterior animations Include:
  • 1 Pilot in standard German flight crew uniform with animated arms
  • Stick
  • Rudder Pedals
  • Throttle
  • Ailerons
  • Rudder
  • Elevator
  • Flaps
  • Canopy (Canopy handle rotates also)
  • Landing gear switches
  • Tailwheel lock Switch
  • Light panel switches
  • Pitot and boot icing switches

Landing gear has a total of 12 moving parts retractable with progressive damping
Center gear retractable and progressive damping
Full exterior lighting with landing, nav, beacon, and strobe lights
Visible interior lighting from the external view

Interior Animations include all the above with extra accents and textures.

Some modern gaugeworks are added to give the impression of flying a World War II aircraft in a modern world simulation:
  • There are trim indicators in place of trim levers
  • The directional gyro has been replaced with an HSI
  • Nav 1 and 2 and Com 1 and 2 radios are equipped
  • DME Transponder and ADF are included
  • GPS Gauge is equipped for airport searches on the fly.
  • IOAT gauge lets you know when icing may be occuring
  • OMI Lights let you know where you are on approach
  • Also there a G-meter in the FSX version to replace the Armament Gauges
Interior cockpit has a high degree of detail:
  • Check rudder, elevators, and ailerons from the virtual cockpit
  • Highly detailed checklist included with several flight notes compiled from extensive testing.
  • The full set of Sim icons included for ease of access in flight.
  • All controls useable from the pilot seat (Control windows included but not necessary)
Exterior highlights Include:
  • Engine-14 individually textured heads
  • 28 exterior push rods
  • Exhaust Headers Detailed
  • Fan rotors are detailed seperate from prop hub
  • Intake and mount unit with nameplate
  • Chromed linkages on landing gear.

This simulation of the Focke Wulf 190A-8 promises hours of fun in the cockpit of a World War II legend of the air. Imagine yourself as the pilot of this amazing bird of prey flying over the same lands the luftwaffe patrolled in 1942. Don't miss this chance to experience the adventure with the SimBattleBirds FW 190A-8 White #4 and Red #5.

See the other SimBattlebirds aircraft on this website. All SBB planes feature the same enhancements and detail.

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