SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1

SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB

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  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1
  • SimBattleBirds - Hawker Hurricane MKIIB1

This is your opportunity to see what a WWII Hurricane pilot experienced.

With SimBattleBirds Hawker Hurricane Mark IIB you can Fly anywhere in a 560 Nautical Mile Radius.

This aircraft simulation details an aircraft with a unique origin and has unique markings. The "Sir Iain" was commissioned by the MacRoberts family, a family of English Nobles, and was named after one of the MacRoberts sons.

The aircraft has amazing performance, reported to out-turn a Bf109. The aircraft is a dream to fly, with specified climb rate and a very powerful engine, the plane rarely stalls. When the Hurricane does stall, it is easy to recover.

As a sport aircraft, the Hurricane has few equals. The high climb rate and performance of the aircraft makes for hours of fun. A G-meter is added for the fun of seeing how high you can get the meter to climb. Several details included add a realistic approach to flight. This sim can be flown without ever opening a window screen to access a control. If you have spent alot of time flying stock FSX aircraft this will be a treat. Something like a more balanced and slightly faster Extra 300.

  • Mk IIB-8 .303 Hispano guns
  • Mk IIC-4 20mm Hispano Cannons
2D Instrumentation has modern navigation gear. The full Historically accurate gaugeworks of the Hawker Hurricane except:
  • Uses the Beechcraft HSI for gyro compass
  • Uses the Beechcraft instrument Air uses the Extra 300 G-meter
  • The Bendix Kingair Radio Stack (window)
  • FS9 GPS500 (window)
  • Spitfire Engine Controls (window)
  • NAV/GPS Switch
  • Lighting Switches

Full list of Sim Icons 3D Instrumentation has all the above gauges and the radio stack is incorporated into it's own radio box High level of detail and historical accuracy used to create the simulation:

Exterior model has many accents others miss:
  • The full historical markings of the Macroberts Fighter "Sir Iain."
  • Air storage fitted between the wheels
  • Detailed interior parts (3d parts not textured polies)
  • Historically accurate and detailed pilot figure
  • Vibrant and accurate decals
  • Fully animated controls (see interior model)
  • Full landing gear linkage animation
Interior model has the full range of animated controls:
  • Throttle
  • Prop Pitch
  • Parking Brake
  • Rudder Pedals
  • Stick (3 parts, animated chain pullies)
  • Canopy
  • Trim Wheel
  • Radiator Cowl
  • Fuel Cutoff
  • Flaps Lever
  • Gear Lever
  • Rudder Trim
The flight characteristics were programmed to emulate declassified specifications:
  • Top Speed =340 m.p.h. at 21,000 ft
  • Weight =5,745 lb
  • Range =600 miles
  • Initial climb rate=2780 fpm
  • Stall Speed =61 mph full flaps gear down
  • Turn Radius inside the Bf109E
Effects are added to give the "feel" of flying a 1930's era aircraft in a modern world simulat
  • Added landing lights
  • Strobe lights
  • Navigation lights
  • Navigation aids are added into the cockpit
  • Horizontal situation indicator in place of gyro compass
  • Modern navigational radios
  • GPS
  • Sim Icons
  • G-Meter During testing the aircraft exhibited high frame rates.

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