SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS1

SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS

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  • SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS1
  • SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS1
  • SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS1
  • SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS1
  • SimFlyer - GLX-OEv1 EFIS1

***Clearance SALE***

This unit features our exclusive FRF technology making the gauge very framerate friendly.

SimFlyer's first "Glass" project - the Op EFIS by Op Technologies. The GLX-OEv1 EFIS works in both the 2D panel and VC and includes a clickable pop-up version as well.

The GLX-OEv1 is much more then just an EFIS. This unit combines an EFIS system with a full featured GPS with moving map, Com/Nav radio integration as well as onboard transponder integration and will take the place of a variety of gauges including the radio stack, transponder, GPS and moving map.

The Microair T2000 panel mount transponder is also included in the package. Although the GLX-OEv1 will work with any FS9 transponder we have included SimFlyer's version of the Microair T2000 because it is a "place anywhere" unit and requires only a free panel hole to mount, making for a very user friendly install in panels with limited space.

Features Include:

- Op EFIS Display Unit. (Shown Above.)
- GPS Control Module. (Shown Below.)
- Microair T2000 Panel Mount Transponder. (Shown at Right.)
- All Units "Popup" for Easy Viewing.
- Realistic "True Backlighting" Effects.
- Clear and Crisp Graphics in the VC.
- XML Code Optimization.
- Full Documentation and Easy Installation.
- A Growing List of Pre-Configured Panel Files for Many Aircraft.

The GLX-OEv1 will install in any MSFS 2004 2D panel and VC (provided the aircraft developer allowed ample space) and requires both FS9 and Windows XP to operate. The Op EFIS system is compatible with any SimFlyer GPS and the default FS9 GPS as well. Default FS9 flight plans can also be used with this unit. The GLX-OEv1 is the first gauge in a series of units based on the real world Op Technologies units and other units like the GLX-MFD (replaces engine instruments) will soon follow.

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